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Sudden Darkness

It is always difficult for a person with a disability to cope with what is common for others.
It is not easy for the guy, especially when he finds himself in an old building with ghosts and monsters. The lamp in his hands goes out every now and then. The memory has disappeared and he does not understand what he is doing here, but only one thing is clear, that his health is running out, and the way out is moving away every time ...

Sudden Darkness is a top-down horror game where you have to find all the first aid kits as a guy on a wheelchair. When you collect them, the door will open to the next floor. Be vigilant, ghosts and monsters inhabit all floors, do not let them catch you.

Features of the game:
- Scary Atmosphere
- Beautiful Pixel-Art
- Atmospheric Music
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Full Playthrough here:
It's alright for the price it's easy to 100% and get all the achievements on the first stage I will say the zombies spooped me a few times while misjudging how far they were/lighting my lantern. The game is incredibly repetitive though and my crippled mans decided to bring a lantern to what should have been a flash light fight. I'm not even sure how he's holding the lantern with both hands and wheeling the wheel chair at break neck speeds breaking zombie legs like Allen Iverson wheel chair edition. I would have liked the game a whole lot more if the final level gave my dude a weapon of some sort i.e. mobilized rocket wheel chair and I got to fight a boss, but I digress it's aiight.