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Star Fighter

Start Fighter is an arcade game about the battle of spaceships. Explore a realistic space station, shoot down enemy ships with heavy laser cannons, and control a maneuverable battle starship or giant cruiser. Enjoy the views of deep space and bring victory to your fleet!Main Features
  • Control a fast fighter or a huge ship
  • Visit the corridors and rooms of the space station
  • Use lasers and blasters to destroy the enemy fleet
  • Dive into the depths of deep space
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

i am split! - but for under 1EUR its a save buy
1. i always wanted a game like this
2. nice SpaceSim with some "Ego-Shooter" vibes
3. fun
1. with setting all to "0" in boot.config it runs smooth (2700X + RX 580 4G + 32GB DDR4)
2. easy learning curve
1. you cant choose any settings (Graphics/Controls etc)
2. "CapitalShip-Mode" takes 1min to complete (or i am doing it wrong)