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Star Exodus

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About the GameStar Exodus is a single-player, real-time strategy game defined by exploration and player’s choices.

Be ready to wander around the endless space, where you have to fight for resources, manage them and take care of your crew. Star Exodus will take you on a journey through barren space and put your survival skills to the test! Survive wandering through the cold space. Manage your resources, modify your fleet, fight an intelligent race of aliens, and all this to find your place in the universe and learn the truth about your own species.

Extract valuable resources from all over the galaxy! Control and manage them wisely! Don’t run out of food and fuel, and adjust your ships to your and your crew’s needs. Be careful though. If you lose a ship, all resources associated with it are gone!

Your crew is the most important resource you have so take care of your people’s morale if you don’t want to be abandoned. After all, You can’t achieve anything without your fleet. Think carefully before making a decision, because they also affect the crew. Try to be a responsible and conscious leader!

How the game unfolds depends on your moves and choices. You decide on the lives of not only your enemies but also your crew, and each of your decisions brings various consequences. There are no two same games, each time the scenario and the star cluster are different. Discover alternative endings and create your own, personal story!

Even in an endless galaxy, you will often encounter various alien spaceships. And alien usually, though not always, means hostile. It is up to you as the captain to decide whether to protect the crew and escape or to face the enemy fleet. Use elements of the environment to hide or trick the enemy. Send battleships, catch the enemy in ambushes, lurk behind asteroids, and protect the crew. Don't be too reckless, the aliens may be smarter than you think!

With such a huge crew under your command, there goes a high responsibility. A well-organized fleet supply is a crucial element of survival. At your disposal, You have various utilities and a specific amount of storage space in every ship. Assign the utilities to particular ships and customize your fleet as you develop. Choose the right utilities to upgrade and modify your spaceships according to your needs. Meet and recruit friendly ships. Find out if you are good enough to build a powerful and unstoppable fleet!

Your adventure takes place in the boundless galaxy, where you can find an infinite number of planets, asteroids, and minerals. You will encounter friends and enemies, fight with aliens and protect your crew. You can find, extract, store, and manage valuable resources, explore the star system more and more, and create the whole society within your fleet. You have the possibilities no one on earth could even dream about, so don’t waste them and get on the board!
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