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SquareMan is a 2D precision and puzzle platformer. It has a 2-10 multi-player mode where you can race each other to complete the level and a Single-Player mode.

In Single-Player, SquareMan has been summoned into another dimension and needs your help heading back home to his own world. Fight against the many foes who stand in your way with spells. Defeat bosses and claim spell/movement upgrades to further build SquareMan into an unstoppable force. Explore the many places and biomes within the 2D world of Squared. Discover hidden areas and mechanics.

Single-Player current features:
>Easy - Hard Platforming with point and click actions.
>Boss fights with unique movesets.
>Simple combat mechanics.

Multiplayer current features:
>Currently 8 Multiplayer Maps.
>2-10 Players.
>Platforming with friends.
>Point and click actions.
>Gamemode, If one dies, everyone respawns.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

honestly a very tilting game, give your self a chance to beat the game and it will feel very rewarding c; "a game made for perfectionist players"