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About the GameSPOOCKEY is an arcade game that combines the block breaker game genre with the pace and feel of real life air hockey and some forbidden magics to create quick, thrilling PvP matches where nothing is set in stone until the very end.Features
  • PvP air hockey-like gameplay with paddles and teleports

  • Compete online against randos with matchmaking

  • Challenge your friends from lobbies

  • It turns any day into Halloween (careful with that hot PSL!)

  • more coming in future updates...

Keep an eye out and keep a cool head because it's air hockey, it's spooky... it's SPOOCKEY!!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It has potential, but the ball is moving way too fast in comparison to the speed of the eye thingy. Controlling the portals and the eye and avoiding holes on top of chasing that fast ball around, makes the game very chaotic and hard to follow. The art style is cute but the sound effects are kind of annoying. Whith that being said, it is not bad for a small free mini game.

Review from Steam

Nice devs! :D