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Spaceward Cosmic Conflict

Spaceward Cosmic Conflict is a space combat simulator of fast-paced, action packed space battles. Entirety of humanity are going spaceward on a thousand year long journey towards the star, Trappist-1, due to nuclear fallout from cold war. Player takes the role of Andresa Arruda Vila, a young graduate pilot from the Fleet Academy at the year 2385. A month into his service, a major upheaval divides the fleet into two, erupting a cosmic conflict between the two parallel traveling fleets.Features
  • Intuitive spaceship controls influenced heavily by freespace2
  • A dozen different playable spaceships including functional cockpits and also, capital spaceships
  • Dozens of different payloads, including missiles, weapons, external spaceship attachments and more
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer missions
  • Smooth multiplayer space combat
  • Matchmaking and public/private dedicated servers
  • AI that can fight alone or on a squadron level
  • Beautiful procedural planetoids and asteroids on interstellar trajectories
  • Ability to land your spaceship anywhere, spaceship ejection, perform spacewalks, walking with magnetic boots on every object and inside capital ships
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