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Sorcerer’s Path

Darkness has corrupted the land and destroyed your home. A power far greater then yours looks to destroy you, but fear not! The path to destroy evil is up to you!Choose Your Path!
Straight is no longer your only direction is this adventure vertical shooter! Travel across the levels and defeat enemies, power your staff, and find treasures that will help you along the way!Fight not only Enemies, but Nature!
Not only will the variety of enemies get in your way, but the level itself! Use your magic to counter their attacks and fend off the effects of the world!12 Levels, 18 Bosses!
Each of the 12 beautifully drawn levels will absorb you into the environment as well as the ambient music! Challenging bosses await in each level to test your skills as a sorcerer!Master the Elements!
Defeat the Elemental Beasts to gain their power! You must strengthen your skill with these elements to stand a chance against the evil magic that plagues the land!Play Before You Pay!
If you're worried if the game is right for you, check out the official website where you can play the demo and see if it's the right game for you!
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Simple and fun!