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Sink Again

Sink Again is a humorous game with a pirate theme. Game genre : turn-based tactics with board game elements and much more. Immerse yourself in a world of hot Caribbean atmosphere. Assemble the perfect crew of pirates and go to hunt treasures. Trade goods, explore dungeons, board and conquer ships, search for buried treasures, complete scenarios to unlock new content for your next adventure. The uniqueness of the game is that the entire game world is generated anew at each start of a new scenario. The game features: 18 unique scenarios (missions) each of which will give you 2-3 hours of joy 15 different types of pirates with unique characteristics and appearance 50 positive and negative traits that randomly drop out to your pirates and significantly affect their abilities 95 different inventory items to set the perfect pirate build. Endless variety of adventures , taking into account the fact that each game is generated in a new way The game continues the tradition of turn-based tactics and brings many new elements and mechanics to the genre.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Good game but not good enough´╝Ü
1. Too many navy and hunter, they are more than trading ship.
2. Negative effect "darkness" is forever. When sailor get it even if heal eye or remove bad trait that negative effect still there, bad setting.
3. In story mode all store (Tavern, market...) wont renew and the cargo's price only change when player sell or buy it no mater how many days it pass.
- Sailor are random in tavern at the begin of each round of game, no mater that guy die or be dismiss will disappear in that game, tavern will empty, no new member will show up in same round. I unlock all characters but not every round I can get the sailor I want, bad setting.
- Repairing ships is expensive, but Increasingly difficult to obtain getting money in same round.

Review from Steam

This is a charming game with a lot of character but little in the way of mechanics or play value. I would surmise it best for very casual players or younger audiences. A great play when you get only an hour at most at a time. It has limited replay value.
It is not for anyone seeking a challenge or long play. That is, each adventure is very small in scope and once you firmly understand the mechanics there is very little in the way of builds.

Review from Steam

After watching a video of @SplatterCatGaming playing this on YouTube I took the 3 Dollar plunge and have been having a blast with it!! Worth every penny and more