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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues

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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a multiplayer fantasy RPG and the spiritual successor to Richard Garriott’s wildly successful Ultima and Ultima Online games.

Shroud of the Avatar is about testing one’s character on a path filled with peril and tough decisions. Player actions carry meaningful consequences within the deep and persistent world of New Britannia by either upholding or breaking the Principles of Truth, Love, and Courage.

Shroud of the Avatar is developed by the veteran Portalarium team that includes Richard "Lord British" Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series, Starr Long, the original Director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman, the author of the beloved Dragonlance Novels and Dungeons & Dragons modules.

As a revival of the classical in-depth RPG, Shroud of the Avatar binds together many of the key features that made the Ultima series so popular:

  • A far reaching story written in collaboration with celebrated fantasy author Tracy Hickman, where players are confronted with ethical choices based on Virtues and Principles.
  • Multiple MMO gameplay features combined to offer a unique, shared online experience set within a persistent sandbox world.
  • The ability to create a classless avatar allows for distinct play styles and uniquely specialized builds.
  • Wide-reaching freedom to explore a living, breathing fantasy world enriched by a player-driven crafting and economic system.
  • Players can opt to play solo or with friends, owning their own houses or even entire towns, and sign up and cooperate within various in-game guilds.
  • Pay Once to Play with no subscription fees.

  • Single Player Offline: Enjoy the full game experience without the need for an internet connection. Recruit NPC companions to accompany you on your travels and aid you in times of need. Your online Avatar will not share the progress of your offline Avatar; you advance on different tracks through the story due to interacting differently with the world.
  • Single Player Online: Play the game at your own pace while still being able to interact with the persistent works of other players, such as vendors, houses and player-owned towns.
  • Party Mode Online: Explore New Britannia with your friends and tell new stories together. Interact with the persistent works of other players, such as vendors, houses, and player-owned towns.
  • Multiplayer Online: Experience the vibrant world of Shroud of the Avatar and trade, fight, and converse with thousands of other players, all playing on the same server.


Portalarium is committed to roll out regular monthly content releases post-launch and will continue to collaborate with the players to further improve gameplay.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is not getting enough credit. Ive played since launch, over 2000 hours and its been one of my all time favorite games. What I love the most about it, is the flexibility of play style, you arent locked into anything, from crafting, pvp, pve, RP, city building, housing decorations, it all depends on your mood of the day.

Review from Steam

If you loved UO (or still do), and/or if you enjoyed the Ultima series of games from the past then you don't want to skip SotA. It can feel a little unpolished in the starting area and the character look builder, but if you stick it out through the starter area which takes about 2 hours you will start to feel that old UO bug. Once you get your house deed from the starter area quest chain, venture out into the VAST overland and start visiting the cities and towns full of player housing and hundreds of vendors, and begin crafting and deciding what skills you want to grandmaster; you will soon realize SotA is basically just a 3d imagining of UO with Ultima series lore built in.
Some complain about the overland map, but I really like it. It reminds me of a much prettier Mount&Blade overland map but it fits the style of the earlier Ultima games in a modern look.
Does it have its bugs, yes. Is it dated in some areas, sure. But overall it has developed into a strong MMO with a devoted following and constant development.
It's Free2Play after all, so if you really want to capture some of the old UO nostalgia in a 3d format then give it an honest go and I think you might be surprised at just how wrong most of the snap judgement of the game are on the internet and reviews. H8rz gonna H8 regardless. 2c

Review from Steam

SotA has gone through a lot of changes in the past year that really makes the offline-mode single-player experience compelling and immersive. It has just a little bit of that deep, other-worldly feeling like the old Ultimas had. The skill tree and main game controls are all fairly intuitive,
As for the online multiplayer experience, I can't say much about it. It's fun to run around and meet people, but I think the best part of the game is solo-mode.

Review from Steam

I wasn't an early backer on kickstarter and am playing this for the first time in 2021. 20yr UO veteran... SotA has grown on me and I enjoy it. New yet familiar. Don't see a lot of other players, but those I have gotten to know are more than willing to answer questions or help a new player out. It's not a game of instant gratification... everything takes time... enjoy it.

Review from Steam

Over 5000 hours played on the steam client, double that because I play 2 accounts. I obviously enjoy the game for what it is, and am hopeful for the future of this small team that just added a member last month.
Open Skill System
Richard Garriott (Lord British) no longer in control of the game, as when he was it was a sinking ship.
Chris (@Catnip games) taking it in a better direction.
Housing System insane
Great Community!
Takes a Rocket Ship to run over 30 FPS.
Low Population Community
Low game resources outside the game, do to the low population.
No Raid Zones.

Review from Steam

wildly, I'm going to say, recommended.
If you go in with your eyes open, and you're ready for the 100% guaranteed rubbish that is in the game, then, this is actually a hidden gem that will give you 100s of hours of fun, and it's free.
the bad:
- no waifu
- low population mmo
- combat animation was cutting edge in 2003
- bugs / memory leaks, especially in the cities
- hardly any in game guidance about how to play the game
- appalling in game music that a Dollar Store would be ashamed of
- controversial kickstarter / funding 10 years ago that's left a very bad taste
- hardly any / zero cut scenes or voice acting
the good:
- one of, if not the most, innovative and ambitious skill system in any mmo. You can combine spells and skills into something unique, even have an unlocked skill bar where the skills are all drawn from a deck. Way way ahead of its time.
- strong active community with great player-made guides
- game is still supported and devs are still slowly making content
- classless system, no need for alts. A mage in heavy armour with a shield, no problem.
- deep and rewarding crafting system. The best gear is made by the players,.
- well written quests with multiple possible outcomes and a really high degree of reactivity. You can be a paragon of virtue or a murder hobo.
- there are mounts, trainable combat pets, and fast travel (I'm looking at you, New World)
- more than four mob types...
- more than 3 skills...
- it's free. There is a store but you never feel pressured in game to buying anything. Game was originally buy to play.
- strong lore story to uncover
- very sandbox. Game is instanced but most story areas are very large with hidden quests that reward exploring and interaction
So there you have it. It's very niche, it's had a really bad press, mostly due to the funding controversy. But under the hood this game is actually ... fun?? Did I really say that??

Review from Steam

Give the game a fair chance and play past the tutorial. Get involved in the community and ask for help when needed!! If you get stuck, ask for help! This is a great game but does not spoon feed it's quests to players and it seems to frustrate a lot of people that do not have the patience for it.