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Shoppe Keep

Take a magical journey back in time to CREATE your own fantasy retail business. Starting from scratch with a few shelves and limited stock availability, plan your displays and price your wares competitively to attract the most customers. DEVELOP your business by working out the perfect product selection to keep your customers returning. Will you be the Selfridges or the Primark of this fantasy world? Setting prices too high will attract the most theft but too low and you will be out of business in a puff of smoke. Putting in products pitched at the perfect price is key to surviving in this rough, tough trade.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Very nice singleplayer game

Review from Steam

Shoppe keep is better than shoppe keep 2, its simple and you grow fast. Not much to do like explore in the first shoppe keep but that is why i like it, But shoppe keep 2 is co-op.