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Sex Quest

Sex Quest is an epic adult RPG adventure where you play a nymph warrior maiden who is tasked with freeing the kingdom from the grasp of an evil goblin warlock who has enslaved the king. Within this epic adventure you will uncover a vast harsh wasteland, you will encounter various savage beasts and dark demons of all sizes and magical powers. Kill the evil warlock within the Goblin Forest and free the enslaved king to be rewarded as the royal consort. Only then will the maiden release the kings majestic seed to impregnate the maiden so she will birth the sole heir to the throne.

Follow various quests within the realm to unlock special powers, uncover valuable treasures and discover new and amazing weapons. Improve your maidens skills to unlock and develop both offensive and defensive spells in an expansive and deep talent tree. Uncover the secrets of a vast unexplored world to find the king free the kingdom with pleasure.

Explore mysterious caverns and vast towns, equally dangerous and beautiful as you strive closer to your goal of freeing the king and becoming the queen that the kingdom has been searching for. Your perseverance will be rewarded if you can complete your quest and the king himself will impregnate the maiden in a fully interactive and adult uncensored sex scene complete with graphic male ejaculations on the waiting nymph maiden so she can finally complete her long journey.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's Ok far the most part. the combat is not bad the animations could use some work but if you down for a fun little adventure. u do have some glitches just 1or2 nothing gamebraking the sex scene where cool wish there was more. I love the way she talk to u. (lol) i'm glad i got it on sale a good experience all in all

Review from Steam

Was looking for a casual RPG with some interesting sex elements and this fit the bill!! So far pretty good, kept me busy alredy for several hours and was more challenging than I would have thought from the trailer. Really like the nudity in the game (。)(。) , makes it different from some others and the environments are better than expected. Now have a sex scene to go back too..... not bad.

Review from Steam

Yes please understand that this game is very short game. For 11.99, should be a 4.99 game. Think it could be better if the game was longer. Do some fighting kill a boss have sex after about it. You can buy some stuff and potions, weapons some crafting not much though

Review from Steam

This is a very interesting game, I was looking for a slightly more adult RPG and this game exceeded all my expectations. It's fun, it has a nudity very well done and a very adult content, all without forcing the lore of the game.
I recommend giving the game a try