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Secrets of a Campfire

Secrets of a Campfire is a peaceful atmospheric experience set in a camping environment that players can jump into to chill and relieve their stresses.Immersive experience- Explore the stunning photo-realistic environment in an immersive day-night cycle.
- Enjoy the sightseeing of nature on foot or in a rowing boat.
- Relax with the acoustic soundtracks and physics based sound effects of the lake, campfire cracking, waterfalls and ambiance.If you're ready to talk about it Light the campfire and write about your secret. Whatever it's, just let it out.
If you're not ready to share it yet, burn the letter in the campfire. However, there're people on the other side exactly in your shoes so they'll care about you no matter what. So, when you're done, fold that paper, put it in a bottle and send it to the water.It's the little things- Read other players' letters and show compassion by lighting sky lanterns in their worlds
- Kick back and stargaze anywhere in the camp.
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