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School Trip

You've been in a bus crash. And you need find help. You meed person named Winston. Winston is kind person who will help you but first you need help him.
Winston asks to look for his gas tank to get the car running. Then he will give you a med kit to patch yourself. When you are ready Winston will help you get to school. But the road is blocked by trees and you need to chop the trees with Winston's axe. Then you have to refuel your car because you ran out of gas. but Winston forgot his money and had to get him money. When you are done refueling with Winston will take you to school.

In School Trip you help old man named Winston. You was on big bus crash and you need to find help. In the forest you find old cabin and old man named Winston. Winston will help if you help him to find his lost gasoline to his car. When you find the gasoline Winston gives you a med kit to patch yourself. Winston refuels the car and Winston offers you a ride to school and you take it. But the trip is not that easy on the way there is trees in way and you need to chop the trees. Then Winston and you go to Gas Station to refuel the car and Winston can drive you to School.

    • Jumping
    • Running
    • Carry things
    • Cool music
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    Game Discussion

    Review by Anonymous
    Review from Steam

    The game has an interesting story and the graphics are fine but there appears to be no sound, no menu, no saving and no pause option.
    The player's head movement needs to be slowed a little as well, it is too fast, do not play if you are a little queasy.
    It is basically a short story and the hardest part is finding a key, the rest of the game is straightforward and is done in a matter of minutes and you may be done completely within thirty minutes.
    This game is a one play and done game because there is nothing to miss the first time around so you might want to buy it when heavily on sale.