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san Zoolin

In San Zoolin you play as the young therapist "Kirk Cat" who moves to the latin island san Zoolin. The island used to be a popular tourist destination. But because of its complex and frankly off-putting inhabitants, it's loosing popularity. As you arrive, you have 6 months to treat islanders psychological problems in therapy, before the holiday season starts. But first you must earn their trust by solving emotional and quite literal puzzles around the island.

Key Features

⦁Choose your own way of conducting therapy with the animals, and learn different things about them depending on how you play.

⦁Get to know multidimentional animal characters and listen to their life stories

⦁Explore the island the way you want. Find your own paths and discover new locations.

⦁Play diverse mini games as a way of getting closer to the other islanders

⦁Collect small items in your wallet inventory and keep notes about everyone in your notebook

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