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Rocket Sword


Rocket Sword is a fast-paced, gratuitous, 2.5D hack-n'-slash-meets-shoot-'em-up full of blood, explosions, and explosions, inspired by games like Luftrausers, Devil May Cry, and Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer.

Operating the most powerful weapon in the universe—an indestructible jet-propelled greatsword—you must mow down hundreds of enemies as stylishly as possible, and earn points towards upgrading your superweapon with abilities and improvements.FEATURES

  • Chaos, blood, and explosions as far as the eye can see.

  • Wave-based survival gameplay in open, spacious arenas.

  • Responsive, breakneck combat with easy-to-learn controls.

  • An expressive combo system that puts YOU in control of how the game is played.

  • A funky, heart-pumping, retro-style original soundtrack.

  • Juicy visual feedback, with hand-drawn and procedural effects for dozens of different attacks and interactions.

  • Highly adjustable display settings for high-quality pixel-perfect visuals at any resolution.

  • Made with love!!!!!!!!!!!!
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