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Road Redemption

In the fiery remnants of a once vibrant world, gangs battle for dominance across wartorn highways. When a motorcycle assassin takes out the boss of the richest weapons cartel, the cartel offers a bounty of wealth beyond imagination for the assassin’s head. Now every thug, warrior, and bounty hunter with a bike and blade is out to catch the assassin and win the bounty, including you. The race is on. To succeed, you’ll have to fight your way across the country, through both friendly and rival gang territory, with whatever weapons you can get your hands on: swords, shotguns, baseball bats, sledge hammers, pipe bombs, and so much more. You’ll need to use what you earn and learn along the way to upgrade yourself, your ride, and your weapons. The path to glory and riches is a long one paved in blood and pain, but luckily you’ve got a fast bike.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Can never Replace Road Rash but still this game is really nice

Review from Steam

Love the nostalgia!
Great game with tons of easter eggs from Road Rash.
You can play a short quick match whenever you feel like, it takes max 4-5 mins!
Super convenient.

Review from Steam

⚖️ Grade = B+. Worth a buy, if you enjoy grindy combat racing. However, if you're looking for game rule modification, it doesn't allow
✔️ Race & Strike at the same time
✔️ Race & Gunplay at the same time
✔️ High speed boost
✔️ Survive until the end
✔️ Coop play
❌ Score / Time Attack for replay value
❌ Endure race in a same track for many laps (Circuit)
❌ Fast upgrade


Loving it & wants more
No Wait

Needed play it right now
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You'll be half satisfied
Wait 50%

Lack of interest
Wait 75%

Not what you need
Wait 100%

🔎 Long version checklist ➜ Reveal
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🕘 2014: Game released as Early Access
🕘 2017: Full release a complete version, but I didn't wish-list this
🕘 2021: Thanks "Gamer2012" for this Gift :D
🔊 Point A to Point B sprint racing track
🔊 Player can choose random Powers & Upgrades at each stage
🔊 More mistake more higher penalty
🔊 Penalty = -25% of max health
🔊 All earned EXP will reset when exit the upgrade menu
🔊 Random mission on each restart
🔊 Community Rating: Very Positive
⚠️ Bland tracks ➜ Agree
⚠️ The focus is purely on combat skill ➜ Agree
⚠️ Grind-heavy roguelike progression system ➜ Agree
💎 4 players coop campaign
💎 Variety of motorbike
💎 Variety of rider stats
💎 Exciting combat
💎 Endless roaming rider
💎 Infinite trash car falling from the sky
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Review from Steam

Got me through my online classes during Covid. Harder than MarioKart, and requires more focus, so if you're playing, forget what's going on around you.

Review from Steam

Runs great on my Steam Deck! :D

Review from Steam

It's a roguelite not a racing game, go in with the right mindset and this game can be amazing

Review from Steam

I recommend this game, but it has some aspects that I find quite frustrating. I played it on controller
+ The whole melee combat system feels great. Kicking, blocking and weapon selection come together for a really interesting core game.
+ Combat racing is wonderful on maps that forgive mistakes or unexpected NPC chaos.
+ The desert and ice tracks allow a lot of space for fun
+ The game is at its best when you're close to the other racers in a big brawl, fighting for 2nd to 6th place
- If you fall behind it can be quite difficult to catch up again and create those fun situations. It just comes down to whether there are NPCs nearby to farm for nitro.
- Shooting feels very awkward and is only situationally useful to you. The AI can be great at it though.
- Camera control in general often hurts more than it helps. I recommend you touch the right stick very little.
- Both my girlfriend and I find that the rooftop maps are very frustrating.
- Health gain is very feast-or-famine in my experience. You're either killing everything and getting enough health to make up for whatever damage you can't block or you get so low that npcs are liable to kill you.
- It's very easy to die in campaign mode and lose the vast majority of that life's progress. This is okay when it feels fair, but it can feel terrible when you die to the game's BS and lose that entire session.
- Some map modifiers like the hallucinogen that causes cars to fall from the sky are just annoying
- Boss fights don't feel as good as they should. Bosses feel like another target from the assassination missions. I think it would be more fun and unique if they were more interested in fighting you than racing.
- QuickPlay could really use a map playlist
- A lot of content is locked behind beating the campaign mode
I know that's a lot of cons, but I think a lot of people could still get something out of this game.