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About the GameAbout This Game"Explore the mysterious tower, collect valuable equipment, recruit trusted teammates. Solve the mystery of the legendary treasure"

Play as an unknown adventurer, to explore the mysterious tower - which is guarded by many monsters and their boss who called "Tower Master". It is rumored that she is the owner of the legendary treasure. Defeat her and the priceless treasure will be yours.Key Features- An unique mix between Quiz game & RPG

- Relaxing

- Many customizable elements
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Full Playthrough here:
I really liked the concept of the game I like that there are anime questions even though they're almost 100% shounen which is my least favorite genre outside of death note (I would consider it seinen). The execution kind of fails it though one you can skip to the final actual boss that'll fight you (witch chick) by leaving the tower and going back in. The final boss literally kills himself which is lame I don't know if that's supposed to be a meme or a game glitch. A lot of items you can't equip which is lame. I did get a party of anime characters with mispelled names to avoid copy right which is cool lufu and pukachi were sick contributors to the team. I think it's a decent game for the price even with the bugs.