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PC Steam action adventure sci-fi vr future alien
A breathtaking first-person experience with a lot of black humor and aliens. You are going to find out what it’s like to be a volunteer in the secret government program Protocol. Any mistake or wrong action – and you are eliminated! Dare to figure out what is there in the complex or blindly follow orders. You’ll face extraterrestrial technology, alien dissection, sexual holograms and many more. It’s a “cruel” game, where you have to go through the first contact with the alien life form, carrying out orders of the insane AI. Violation of which is punishable by the complete destruction of everything, including you. It’s a first person action-adventure game, where you have to solve complex problems exposed by the artificial intelligence of the complex and at the same time conduct your own investigation. It’s an opportunity to dive into the game in VR glasses, or in the familiar WASD + mouselook mode.
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