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Project Voidcraft


About the GameFor eons, mankind had looked up at the stars and wondered what waited beyond the safe, cushy atmosphere of Earth. Project Voidcraft is a multiplayer FPS/RTS space sim that places you, the player, at the forefront of the first wave of explorers and entrepreneurs looking to establish humanity’s first interstellar foothold.

Amidst the void, there are no rules. As the commercial exploitation of the Solar System ramps up in 2078, it’s up to you to step into the shoes of a prospector of a new era.

Losers talk strategy. Winners figure out logistics.

Project Voidcraft is a free-form multiplayer space colonization game with a focus on shipping, trading, and simulating the supply chain. Every resource, item, and material is rendered as a physical object and must be transported as such.

At the heart of it all, Voidcraft offers a player-driven supply/demand mechanic that dictates most other aspects of the game. How will you manage your defenses? How much fuel will you take on your next run? Can your vessel handle another pirate raid?

These are the questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you work to establish a presence in Project Voidcraft, whether with the help of other players or alone - that depends on you.

Fully player-driven from top to bottomThe central idea behind Project Voidcraft is to put as much control over the game’s systems into the hands of players themselves. NPC factions exist (United Nations, Solar Corp, pirates, etc.), but it will be up to you to divvy up Sol as you see fit.

Every player of Project Voidcraft will need to work to establish their presence in the system. Setting up space stations, carving out trade routes, exploring anomalies, and interacting with the various customization options are all just scratching the surface of what Voidcraft aims to offer.

A realistic, physics-based universe that rewards skillful playThe entirety of Project Voidcraft is based on real-world physics, matching the complexities and intricacies of flying actual spacecraft. Players can expect realistic behavior from their vessels, making even the simplest supply run a fun and engaging experience.

Project Voidcraft places emphasis on fuel efficiency and clever planning. Mastering ship movement is a crucial skill for fresh prospectors, but each new vessel will also provide you with a different piloting experience.

Each and every Voidcraft ship can also be upgraded, outfitted, and reconfigured in a variety of ways, many of which affect flight behavior. This ensures that players always have something new and interesting to look forward to after every trade mission, supply run, or objective completion.The big pictureIn the late 2070s, humanity is doing what it has always done - expanding. Only, this time, the frontier is the entirety of the Solar System. Project Voidcraft will offer a growing and evolving look at this new economy from the very start. The earlier you get in, the sooner will you get to establish your own factions and/or corporations.

As the logistics of interstellar trade are established, as supply routes become entrenched, and as new territories emerge in real-time, Project Voidcraft, too, will change accordingly. The Solar System is going to be colonized in stages, with the Inner, Middle, and Outer segments opening up at different stages of the game’s lifetime.Key features

●Inspired by hard-boiled, lived-in science fiction media such as The Expanse

●Set during the earliest stages of the exploitation of the Solar System

●An immense free-form space sandbox where players are fully in control

●Survey and explore a vast Solar System that will expand as the game goes on

●Mine resources, establish corporations, specialize and offer services in a massively multiplayer environment

●Engage in customization of every part of your growing empire, from conceptual logistics to massive structures in the outer void

●Automate your industry, from shipping to manufacturing

●Interact with a highly-detailed economy and supply/demand simulation

●Contend with NPCs and players as they assist and/or antagonize your presence to further their own agendas

Are you ready to tame the Void? Or will this new frontier eat you up?
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