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Project Umbra

You play as a soldier from the future equipped with an armor containing an entity discovered in ancient ruins. It is called the "Shadow". It was scattered throughout the historical eras, you are sent back in time to learn more about this entity.

Armed with this technology, kill many enemies who seem to be possessed by this entity.

The "Shadow" that accompanies you will feed on the souls released by the enemies you kill, thus making you stronger.

Your enemies will be many and varied, whether it's a knight in armor or a sniper.

Be prepared to take a beating. If you die, you will be replaced by a new soldier.

However, the "Shadow" of the soldier you are replacing has become uncontrollable, and will be waiting for you...

Face her and try to recover her energy!Demo is now out !!!

What's in it ?

Prehistory √

Antiquity √

Online leaderboard

Powerfull Weapons

What's next ?

Middle Age √

World War √

Future √

Infinite wave game mod
Promote for 50G

Game Discussion

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