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Portal Mortal

Portal Mortal is a hardcore 2D puzzle platformer, requiring precise movement and a lot of puzzle solving.

You play as a maintenance worker at the Mysterious Space Corporation, going mindlessly through your days, until the unexpected happens and you find yourself making your way through the facility with an experimental device in your hands.

Up and over!Key Features
  • Portals, puzzles and blood - No pain, no gain: Sometimes success requires going through multiple hoops.

  • Different worlds to explore - From a clean and sterile moonbase, to a rusty, gray space station and all the way to a vibrant green forest.

  • Character customization - Hats, masks, portal skins and taunts: Anything to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Dozens of collectibles - Explore your surroundings to find hidden treasures.

  • In-game level editor - Build and share levels online.

  • Online Co-op with up to 32 players - Play with your friends: Build, shoot, compete and solve puzzles together!

  • Local Co-op with up to 4 players - Give gamepads to your friends and have some fun!

  • Electro pumping soundtrack by Deracol - Over 2h of music with varying genres, filling each world with its own unique atmosphere.

Something is not right. I can feel it.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I haven't finished the story yet (will update the review after I have) but I can already recommend this game based on the experience in the beta and the released version so far. Here are some points.
This game challenges platforming and puzzle solving skills on the way through many kind of levels. I keep hearing myself saying "One. More. Try." and repeating that after 25 more deaths. The balance is beautiful - you die a lot, but still want to keep on going. It's also super fast to try again (thanks to checkpoints and no loading times). The learning curve has been quite good so far, just one level became my nemesis.... but good thing was that it could be skipped. (But I'll get back and beat you!!)
The environments change before previous one even has a chance to get too familiar. Also they are all very different and introduce new features and surprises.
The good
+ Level editor! So many possibilities and I find it fun to create own level. Trying to make the vision in my head a reality is a puzzle itself (a pleasant one).
+ Soundtrack! There's huge variety in it and the catchy melodies will get stuck in your head. I hope to hear the composer's music in future games too!
+ Being a pixel art lover, I like the graphics. Especially some boss characters are beautiful and the big contrast the different environments give.
+ Gamepad support. Athough I recommend KB&M, even though usually playing this type of games with a gamepad.
+ The fun and good mood that is in the air and small details all the time in the game. It's a good counterweight for the tough puzzles and blood and guts flying.
+ Lots of collectibles to open and getting them is an extra challenge that each level gives.
+ Multiplayer! It's fun to gather with friends and start building the wildest level ever and then try if someone can actually beat it.
The bad
- Well this one might go to my GPU (similar issues with some other games) but the game sometimes has hiccups after vigorous alt+tabbing.
Overall, it's amazing to see how feature-packed this game is and it's made just by a few people crew! Very eager to see what's next! But before that, back to finish the story campaign!

Review from Steam

This game right here... it is hard, it is brutal and it will test your puzzle solving skills...
The story is also interesting! haven't beaten it yet but pretty soon I will, because darn it I love this game!

Review from Steam

You will die a lot. Also I want that horse head.

Review from Steam

This game is really challenging and hard game to master.
Is it punishing? Not really, since there is checkpoints around every corner that will help you not to lose your mind.
Just when you are starting to lose it you somehow manage to reach next checkpoint and feel slight relief before
going for next puzzle that will get you mentally wrecked again! Somehow a mediocre platformer like me is able to make some progress through hundreds or thousands deaths.
Too easy? Fine. Try hardcore mode that will remove checkpoints. Go for it if you are true madman.
Would love to see some speedruns done in hardcore mode. Some crazy skills needed.
ALSO if you don't like to struggle with main story progress, you can just have some stupid fun with few friends and create your own challenges or just impossible mess and laugh at that nonstop dying. For me the tasties part is to be able to create difficult, but doable maps. Everyone can edit that map and everyone can make some surprises and kill each other with adding some sawblades in their route or some jump pad with crazy jump force just to throw your buddies up in the sky.
Free edit multiplayer sandbox is just gold.
There is also some multiplayer challenges that needs help of a team, capture the flag, deathmatch.
It's really not my cup of tea what comes to difficulty of main story. Just nerve wrecking, don't expect it to be anything else.
Multiplayer can be really fun mess with lot's of friends! That's my cup of tea :)
After all really great game for challenge or party purposes. Developer has embraced the idea and possibilities really well.

Review from Steam

Run around the level and jump over buzzsaws, laser beams, missiles, and more.
And afterwards find a way to open the door so you can do it all over again.
To assist in this task, you have a micro-rift cannon.
And near the end, something... else.
There will be blood and death. Lots of each.
All withinin multiple different worlds featuring their own bosses;
Outer space, A messed-up-looking Earth,
And the actual depths of Purgatory, to name about half.