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Pocket Cars


About the GamePocket Cars is a fast paced arcade combat-racing game, where you can drive RC cars that speed through amazing tracks. From real-life obstacles to outstanding off-road abilities, maneuverability and boost capacity of the realistic looking vehicles, an amazing racing experience await for you.Gameplay:Each car can be equipped with two different weapons. Choose your strategy before the race to take one step ahead of your opponents. Avoid the traps, upgrade your driving skills and use your weapons wisely to complete the challenges.Key features:
  • season based single player events with 141 challenge
  • 5 different environment includes 24 tracks to play
  • 12 physic simulated cars
  • 7 different tire
  • 12 unique weapons, like Rocket, Mine, EMP, and many more...
  • car customization
  • controller support
  • 4 player split-screen multiplayer
  • 8 player online multiplayer (beta)

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Drive RC cars for racing, with missiles, mines and other weapons at your disposal, and with environments and gameplay style like the 1999 classic 'Re-Volt'
The game is currently still in early access but is without a doubt already incredibly fun and playable in terms of stability, the cars also drive well and sharp as if controlled with a real remote,
the locations are beautifully detailed and often bring with them the nostalgic feeling of driving RC cars during your childhood, without the weapons then, say that the use of weapons and ramps makes the gameplay more exciting, if this could be done in real life then the neighbors can't laugh at the daily fireworks sessions.
You can choose from a wide variety of RC cars such as the well-known buggies, trucks to muscle cars and more.
These cars then differ in acceleration, speed, cornering grip, etc.
But you can also always choose a type of tire with which you can then drive on the right terrain,
the levels in the game also have different types of surfaces, such as stones or sandy, and the right tires ensure the right racing behaviour.
The weapons you can choose also bring many combination choices with standard missiles, missiles that freeze the enemy, EMPs, mines, shields, cloaks, and even more.
You will also be able to choose the weapons before the race start, two different ones, and you will have to drive over pickups during the race to be able to use these weapons,
in addition to the pickups for weapons, you also have pickups for boost and boost has a higher priority than the weapons at times.
Pocket Cars also has great support for ultra-wide resolutions as you can see in this example:

Review from Steam

thank you thank you THANK YOU for adding a 4 player local split screen mode.
love to see the regular updates. very nice, challenging, diamond in the rough of a game.
edit: full controller support is nice but a little buggy
would love if the turn assist was explained in-game

Review from Steam

Pretty solid so far (v0.77). I do however get frame dips with local multiplayer. Sometimes even in single player. I've set everything to low. But considering this is still in early access, hopefully it'll be better optimised soon. Can't wait for more tracks and cars to appear.
Edit: Sometimes the screen turns black when I quit the game. But Alt + F4 solves the issue.