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PixelJunk Monsters 2

GAME FEATURES Protect the Chibis! Evil monsters have invaded the peaceful Tiki forest! Protect the 20 Chibis back home at all costs! Waves? Like Surfing? Monsters attack in several groups at a time, like intermittent waves. The number of "waves" may differ depending on the stage selected. Fire Away! Use magic to transform the trees around you into towers that attack the monsters. These towers cost hard-earned coins and gems to build. It seems that even magic requires money to use... Unlock Stages Oh! Looks like new numbered plates appear near altars when you successfully protect the Chibis within each stage! 1... 2... 3... And they seem to appear in order, huh. Rainbow Fragments If you protect all your Chibis, you get special rainbow fragments as a reward. Collect them all to visit Tiki houses in other areas!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This is imho 41 Tower defense or assimilated games i played sorted by interest :
Some people might find this list useful for discovering unknown TD.
Legend :
(TD) -> pure Tower Defense
(ATD) -> Assimilated Tower Defense
(FPSTD) -> First Person Shooter Tower Defense
(S) -> Solo
(M) -> Multiplayer
1- (Original Warcraft 3 & Starcraft's TD \o/) (TD) (M)
2- GemCraft Chasing Shadows (TD) (S)
3- Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal (ATD) (S)
4- Dungeon of the endless (ATD) (M)
5- Defender's Quest : Valley of the Forgotten (TD) (S)
6- Dungeon Warfare II (TD) (S)
7- Dungeon Warfare (TD) (S)
8- PixelJunk™ Monsters Ultimate (TD) (M)
9- PixelJunk™ Monsters 2 (TD) (M)
10- Mindustry (ATD) (M)
11- Sanctum (FPSTD) (M)
12- Orc Must die 2 (FPSTD) (M)
13- Sanctum 2 (FPSTD) (M)
14- Kingdom Rush (TD) (S)
15- Kingdom Rush Frontiers (TD) (S)
16- Super Sanctum TD (TD) (S)
17- Plant VS Zombies (ATD) (S)
18- Defense Grid: The Awakening (TD) (S)
19- Dungeon Defenders (FPSTD) (M)
20- Space Run (ATD) (S)
21- Aegis defender (ATD) (M)
22- Orc Must die (FPSTD) (S)
23- No heroes here (ATD) (M)
24- Fortified (FPSTD) (M)
25- Terrorhedron (TD) (M)
26- Evil Defenders (TD) (S)
27- Revenge of the Titans (ATD) (S)
28- Bloons TD 5 (TD) (M)
29- Particle Fleet: Emergence (ATD) (S)
30- CastleStorm (ATD) (M)
31- Garden Rescue Christmas edition (TD) (S)
32- Garden Rescue (TD) (S)
33- Defend Your Life (TD) (S)
34- OTTTD (TD) (S)
35- Tower Wars (TD) (M)
36- Fort defense (TD) (S)
37- Royal defense (TD) (S)
38- Iron sea defender (TD) (S)
39- Zombo Buster Rising (ATD) (S)
40- Particula (TD) (M)
41- Bloons TD Battle (TD) (M)
This list (totally subjective) might make you want to play (or not) other games of the same type. Some games deserve to be deepened and therefore to be re-evaluated because the position of some games in this list may be due to a first impression of a few hours of play even if their positions should not fundamentally change.

Review from Steam

This is a fun tower defense game with good multiplayer setup. The dancing you do to upgrade adds a tension as you are watching enemies appear all you can do is keep dancing!

Review from Steam

Mailbox has pixel junk.

Review from Steam

Since I purchased this game in 2021 it seems a few of the initial complaints that people had were patched out in updates. You're still not able to view the entire map at once but you can zoom out far which helps. I liked the 2-D graphics from the original but don't mind the switch to 3-D. The experience is similar enough to say if you enjoyed the original, you'll like the sequel.

Review from Steam

I'm a huge fan of the original Pixeljunk Monsters, 100% beating it on PS3 and most recently on PC. The unique tower defense gameplay paired with beautiful visuals and music really caught my attention. I ended up buying Pixeljunk Monsters 2 on release back in 2018, playing for a few hours and never picking it up again. After giving it another chance, lets briefly go over some of the highlights and downfalls for me.
While the graphics and overall aesthetic are beautiful in this game, the original just had more personality with its 2D art-style and cozy environments paired with chill music. While you are able to zoom in and out, even go over the shoulder, I still liked the zoomed out map being able to see everything from the first game. I don't like how trees collapse near where you build towers so you can't overlap and stack them like you could in the first game. I don't like how there isn't as many unique levels as the first game, but they do have you play the same level at different difficulties with twists (different pathing etc.). I like how there are now shops located in the levels you play for you to buy fruits with gems. The customization for the tiki character is pretty nice, doesn't do much besides looks for screenshots. I enjoyed how you can finally jump (and attack) to get over obstacles and enemies. I love how Monokuma found his way into this series (thanks to Spike Chunsoft for that), I'm a big fan of the Danganronpa series so I found it hilarious seeing enemies with his face.
Overall, I like both games. Each has its unique personality that you get to admire and enjoy the more you play. Although, I'm still a bigger fan of the first game, but this game deserves a fair shake and another shot for those who tried it and quit on release.