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Play as Teddy, an estranged ex-minister forced to venture through the frozen afterlife in search of Bo, his three year old daughter, and her perverse kidnapper. Discover the dark secrets of Teddy's past, and confront his sleazy, demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe. Take part in an emotional adventure through the afterlife that blends humor with horror for a memorable experience. Explore six hauntingly beautiful levels of Hell, using your slingshot to fight your way through bizarre beasts and interesting puzzles. Hang out with your family pet George and sniff out clues as you listen to an immersive and unique soundtrack written by the game's creator. Discover the mystery behind Teddy and Bo's death, brought to life through talented professional performances and featuring celebrity cameos.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Pinstripe, a visual game that looks pretty decent and is a great addition to the Indie genre. With great voice acting and really good visuals, it's a beautiful game.

Review from Steam

"Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”
- Psalm 30:5

💻 Description:
Pinstripe is an award-winning puzzle adventure developed by a one-man army, Thomas Brush. It is a sweet tale with a variety of allegories and dilemmas that depict the process of purification (Purgatory).
📖 Setting:
Pinstripe’s story follows the adventure of Teddy, a loving and dedicated father who is currently spending his time on the train with his beautiful three-year-old daughter named Bo. During this heartwarming interaction Pinstripe emerges, a dark-skinned demon that kidnaps the beloved child. The disgraced ex-minister embarks on a quest that will eventually lead him to discover the truth about his tragic past.
The story of Pinstripe is unique in every way. The developer left many things to interpretation, but the game's core aspect revolves around the unconditional love that a father shares with his daughter. It’s the perfect recipe for success, a factor that the developer made sure to build upon. Unfortunately, even though there are certain impactful choices in the game, they do not all feel equally important, limiting Pinstripe’s replayability potential.
🕹️ Gameplay:
The gameplay aspect of Pinstripe is far inferior to its beautiful aesthetics and emotionally-hooking story, as most of its mechanics revolve around basic concepts like pressing a button or jumping into a platform. It is a classical platformer that takes place in multiple small regions with secret rooms and entrances waiting to be explored. It reminds me of a classic Metroidvania game, with multiple sections and core mechanics structured around exploration, puzzle-solving and, of course, backtracking. Overall, the progression is non-linear and limited by a small number of cosmetic upgrades.
Pinstripe offers a variety of activities, from time-based puzzles to miscellaneous collecting games. The main point of these tasks is to progress the story by unravelling details concerning the background of certain NPCs, as well as the protagonist. The puzzles do not provide any challenge as their simple nature requires the push of two buttons, but nonetheless, they prove enjoyable.
The protagonist uses a slingshot as his main weapon to interact with certain objects, find secrets, or discover certain areas. The slingshot can also be used to fend off enemies without requiring ammunition, allowing the player to focus more on the storytelling aspect rather than the game mechanics.
To progress the story, the player is encouraged to collect frozen drops, a type of in-game currency that sometimes is very painful to find. Frozen drops can also be used to unlock cosmetic items, but that’s more of a post-endgame goal that requires a second playthrough.
Even though the mysterious world of Pinstripe hides many details and references, its beautiful scenery can be explored in under three hours. The game is gorgeous yet short, providing just the necessary amount of satisfaction to make your mind escape the repetitive limbo of the current indie game development.
👁‍🗨 Visuals:
By far the most enjoyable feature of the game. Pinstripe delivers a great story, not only thanks to its beautiful narrative but also due to its breathtaking aesthetic. The game's atmosphere creates grim and melancholic scenery befitting the world it represents. The small houses, the characters, and even the frames of the portraits are deliberately designed to reflect upon the emotions of the protagonist, his past deeds, and his sins. The colours and the shadows merge the story with the beautiful soundtrack that plays in the background, adding sweetness and fear to the mix.
🎧 Audio:
To create a beautiful narrative, you do not need professional actors. On the contrary, you require individuals with passion and finesse. Many of Pinstripe’s characters are voiced by well-known personalities and YouTuber stars (example: Pewdiepie), which came as a pleasant surprise to me. There is a perfect combination of humour and tragedy, which is further developed with the excellent mixture of innocent and sinister accents. Last but not least, we cannot forget about the marvellous soundtrack that keeps the player company even in the darkest places of this beautiful imaginary world.
🗃️ Side Notes:
The game was developed and designed by a one-man team, making it even more noteworthy. Even though the price is too high for its standards, I cannot express further my respect to the creator for accomplishing such a great result. Despite everything though, I need to address one main problem many players encounter with its achievement system, as most of them do not unlock for some reason from the very first playthrough.
📋 Verdict:
Pinstripe is an enjoyable treat, a simple game that combines excellent narrative and beautiful visuals. It’s an inspiring effort that proves what sheer dedication can accomplish. Despite its short length, its involving story makes it worth a try.
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Review from Steam

DANG BRUH I DUNNO WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS GAME BUT IT'S AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE THAT EVERYONE SHOULD CHECKOUT ONCE. Didn't knew that this game would be so much fun playing. Hell i'm happy that i've invested in a game like this worth buying. Kudos the satisfaction that arouses after completing the game I couldn't explain that. At last I would recommend this game to everyone who likes playing an indie game with some action and adventure. ENJOY

Review from Steam

Pinstripe, a visual game that looks pretty decent and is a great addition to the Indie genre. With great voice acting and really good visuals, it's a beautiful game.
There are a bunch of good things about this game, and then there are things which I don't really understand what the dev was thinking.
Although the game is simple, straight forward and extremely easy, my gripe with the game comes in when there's potential for a great story, but it just falls way too short.
You're in "Hell", your daughter is almost lost, Pinstripe is someone who wants to steal your daughter and you have to stop him. Everybody knows you, but you don't know anybody. You're a retired minister that had lost your wife? You meet people like Dicky and Birdy and about every other person in this game is obsessed with black balloons or sacks like it's called in the game, that have black liquid inside. Bo, your daughter, even mentions that it looks like oil. Some people like Happy, eats the said oil in order to "sleep". The more you dive into the game, the weirder it gets. What really disappoints me is that there's so much potential for so much more, it just falls so short. The world could've been expanded upon. You could've uncovered what Pinstripe was (read somewhere that he's supposedly God) and what his obsession with your daughter was, why you were transported to Hell and why after you complete the game, you find your wife sleeping on the bench outside the house.
Stupid, little things that would've made this game explode with hype and interest was just missing, especially since it's labelled as a "Narrative experience" by EGM. The game has some replayability to it, but it just doesn't make a difference and nothing else is ever explained. Achievements for the game are somewhat broken, and the game is extremely short. I played the game from start to end 4 times in order to get all the achievements. That's 4.9 hours in 4 playthroughs. For the price it just doesn't justify the short game. So for the visual experience, the sound and the platforming there are, get it on sale. I also have to mention that when interacting with Pinstripe, it's like the insults he throws at you for absolutely no reason whatsoever were written by some 10 year old that doesn't know what half the words mean.
Visually, great.
Gameplay, decent.
Puzzles, poor, but ok in the casual setting of the game.
Story? Somewhat present.
Explanation of who's who and what's what? Non-existent.
Getting it on sale is not a bad choice and it really is a game I'd recommend, but not for the normal price and for the length of the game.

Review from Steam

sobbed so hard it hurt at the end. 10/10

Review from Steam

All Achievements + Trophies With Full Walkthrough i played it enjoy.
☑ Very good
☑ Decent Graphics with Good music
☑ Never heard of Lags
☑ 1 Glitch In Achievement
☑ Casual Gaming
☑ Nice Interesting Story
☑ Enjoyable Puzzles
☑ Cute Demons , Funny Characters
☑ There are Steam Achievements and Cards
I Really Like this game and i would like to recommend to everyone buy and enjoy.