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Perception is an award-winning narrative thriller about a blind woman’s journey to uncover the truth about the mansion from her nightmares, or else become one of its victims. Using sound as her sight, Cassie explores the Estate at Echo Bluff, desperate to unravel its sordid history. But she’s not alone; a deadly entity called The Presence stalks the mansion’s halls. Cassie needs sound to be able to see, but every noise she makes draws The Presence closer. A careful balancing act is required if she wants to discover why she’s there, and why the house won’t let her - or anyone – leave. Game Features: • "See" using echolocation. Every sound creates a visual. • Engage in a deadly game of hide and seek. • Trigger radical change at the Estate at Echo Bluff each time you solve its mysteries. • Travel back through history to exorcise your own nightmares.
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