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Pendragon is a turn-based strategy game, where every move you make drives the narrative, and every story twist opens new gameplay opportunities. Will you advance and show your mettle, or cautiously retreat? Will you slip round enemies, or encounter them head-on? And when sacrifices are required, who will you put in harm's way? From the creators of the multi-award-winning 80 DAYS and Heaven’s Vault. Rally the Knights of the Round Table. Some will make it to Camlann and King Arthur. Others will fall. But every turn will change history. Will Sir Lancelot be reunited with Queen Guinevere? Will she spurn him, or embrace him? Will Sir Kay ever forgive Sir Gawaine for siding with Sir Mordred? Can Morgana le Fay be trusted? Where is Merlyn? Who lies buried in Mordred’s graveyard? Who is the archer in the woods? What has become of Excalibur? Secrets will be uncovered. Hearts will be broken. People will die. But maybe, just maybe, King Arthur can be saved...
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

While I still think that Heaven’s Vault and 80 Days are stronger games from Inkle I think Pendragon is a fascinating experiment in tactical game/ narrative design. Unfortunately what it does well, is done better by games like Wildermyth, where the procedural generation creates a dynamic plot, where here it feels more like rote nodes in a procedural order. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the writing is still of a fantastic quality. I adore the apocalyptic quality they bring to the Aurthurian legends, lending both gravitas and groundedness within the spaces they work. The characters feel distinct and compelling, even as I am not the most personally familiar with Arthurian legends, beyond what I know through cultural osmosis. I can see myself coming back for a run occasionally, and I am curious what learning from this game Inkle will bring to their next project. I am still sad and baffled that Heaven’s Vault didn’t make more of a splash when it came out, and Pendragon feels like another step towards the truly breakout game I am certain Inkle is capable of making.

Review from Steam

- Original gameplay integrating narration in turn-based combat phases.
- Beautiful and unique art, which reminded me of the celtic/medieval visual style of the animated movie "The Secret of Kells".
- Arthurian setting and lore!
- Good replayability thanks to the procedural level generation and the different unlockable characters with each their own motives.
- No matter what happens in the adventure, the ending scene seems to be pretty much always the same.
- Limited diversity in the type of foes. In several occasions, the protagonists mention "demons" or "ghosts" but it seems enemies are limited to beasts and Mordred's knights.
Overall, the game is a great poetic experience with a unique atmosphere and a simple yet effective gameplay.