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Peg Adventure – Solo Noble

In Peg Adventure, you need to leave only one piece on the board with the least number of moves.

A new version of Solo Noble (peg solitaire) single player game
Unlock each puzzle with the best possible performance to unlock new levels.
There are 3 stars for each challenge, the more efficient the more stars you will earn!
Play more than once each level, to reach the maximum score and increase your number of stars.
Rescue the relics hidden in the sacred tomb and become the greatest explorer in history (at least of that history)! xD
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Very simple game, probably fun for children eight and up.
It doesn't seem to have the frustrating dead-ends that the peg games you find in stores have, so it is more relaxing. Trying to find the best (i.e. fewest moves required) solution provides the challenge.
I was disappointed to discover that the relics you discover seem to have no in-game use, so there is less here than I had hoped, but it works, the music is mindlessly pleasant, for under a buck it is fine.

Review from Steam

Pegging for the first time today, hope I don't get addicted

Review from Steam

Jogo extremamente simples, divertido e cativante. Os níveis são complicados e é necessário pensar bastante para solucionar os quebra-cabeça.
Uma ótima maneira de passar o tempo, recomendo bastante!