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Paper Dolls Original

Paper Dolls Original is a first-person horror game with a hint of Asian culture. The story begins with a man driving his daughter to his estranged wife's house. On the road, this man, tortured by depression, was deeply immersed in his past memories. Suddenly, his car crashed and he lost consciousness. When the man woke up, he found himself, daughter-less, in a deserted ancient Chinese house.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Excellent Chinese culture-themed first-person horror, "Paper Dolls" boasts great graphics in its reconstruction of a typical Qing-Dynasty mansion. The game succeed in scaring the player throughout, by leveraging a persistently dark environment, well-designed enemies, and a run-and-hide gameplay. The story is intriguing and puzzles generally well designed, although in one occasion the way to reach for an area seems perplexing. Likewise, it is not clear why sometimes you stand no chance to resist your enemies, while other times you can do so by correctly reacting to quick-time events. Since timeliness is key in such moments, the suggestion is to go for maximum graphic fluidity in the frame-rate setttings. As a whole, the game is a must play if you are interested in Chinese superstions or if you are a fan of horror.