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Pandamonia 潘德莫尼亚

Pandamonia was once a beautiful and rich place, where panda babies thrive. But with one day, the massive invasion of the real estates speculators destroyed the tranquility here. These bastards drove and slaughtered the aborigines here on the planet, forcing them to go nowhere. From now on, pick up the weapons in your hands and resist these arrogant and unreasonable aggressors! Slay them all! Tear their bodies apart into gibs and gores! Liberate this lovely homeland.

Game Features

1.Simple weapon system - switch your guns fast and easily.

2.Simple purchasing system - the arm Shop is mobile and multiple destructive weapon choices.

3.Funny Enemies and Boss - the enemies are funny-looking and ridiculous dressing.

4.Outstanding physical effects - fierce gunshot impacts, tear any types of enemies apart into pieces.

5.Funny Weapons - such as shit grenade, shit cannon etc...

6.Large amount of enemies to kill - almost thousand of enemies in every level game play for you to slay.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's like sex, but better.

Review from Steam

This game gets an easy Ten stars out of Five.
It's advanced graphical engine and gore proccessing capacity lets you rip and tear through enemies, just like the olden days of DOOM. It even gave me a 4k VR experience, however, my monitor is not 4K, and I don't own a headset. I can only assume the game is so powerful and so well crafted that it can access the Dark Magic of Azerath to improve my gaming experience.
However, even though it was the best time a human could ever have, and every nanosecond felt like a seperate or'gasm, I'm refunding the game. The heavy, dark themes the game carries have forever changed my psyche. I can no longer sleep, due to massive cases of insomnia. I can't help but cry every moment I think of the game, and that's always. Because I can never think of anything else, ever. That's how memorable this game is.
But, I'm also contacting President Donald J. Trump about this game, as it's ability to bring cases of uncontrollable joy and diarrhea has legitimate uses for bringing about a new era of World Peace. If a Homeless bum played this game, he'd reform himself, get a job, get off drugs, and buy an apartment to play this game. So imagine what would happen if we airdropped laptops with this game into Iraq, and all the soldiers became peaceful spontaneously.
Overall, it's not the best game ever made. It wasn't made, instead, it was born. It lives, and it thrives. People say we have never seen god with our own eyes, but I beg to differ. Because we've seen, Pandamonia.

Review from Steam

Pretty much Doom with pandas and authentic Bethesda quality graphics.

Review from Steam

Game of the year 2019.
10/10 Story
10/10 Gameplay
10/10 Entertainment
You better buy this game before your fellow Panda friends experience the big sad.

Review from Steam

Under "More Like This" on the store page, Steam suggested Fallout 76. I disagree, this game doesn't have any bugs.

Review from Steam

Ever wanted to play soccer while fighting off demons? no? too bad. Buy this game. Its amazing

Review from Steam

I've played way worse games for a dollar I'll tell you that.
It's not good, in fact it's pretty trash, but in a way that could at least be entertaining for the price.
The level is flat, enemies repetitive, guns ineffective, etc. Technically this needs a ton of work.
As a joke game though it's at least kind of funny. There is some sort of idea that with the proper effort could be even better.