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One Last Breath


One Last Breath tells a story about despair but also about hope. Even if the post-apocalyptic world of this 2.5D platformer is withered, Gaia’s powers might be enough to restore life. That won’t be easy, though. Lots of fearsome mutants will hunt her mercilesslyTHE POWER OF NATURE

Born from mother nature’s very last breath, Gaia has the ability to control the environment. Create paths using trunks, summon vines to hang between gaps, and solve puzzles using your powers to save our planet.ECHOES FROM HUMANITY

Humanity doesn’t exist anymore. Decades of pollution and greed have driven it to absolute extinction. However, its echo still can be heard. Along her journey, Gaia will visit abandoned factories filled with hazardous, human-made obstacles. How are they still working?LIFE AND DEATH

Gaia’s adventure is all about balance. She will find both brutality and tenderness while trying to survive strange creatures and protect the defenceless ones. Only our world can be as ruthless as charming.FEATURES

● Use your supernatural powers to solve all kinds of environmental-based puzzles.

● Discover what happened to mankind while exploring a gorgeous but sorrowful world.

● Escape from lethal mutants and save the helpless wildlife.

● Enjoy an immersive experience thanks to a carefully crafted sound design.

● Don’t forget to take care of our planet in real-life!
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