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OctoRaid VR

Let's Hunt Octopus Together... Or Become an Octopus and Fight ​with Everyone!

  • OctoRaid VR is a Cross-Platform-Based Asymmetric PvP VR Party Game in which you become an Octo or Hunter character and Fight against each other.

  • If you access through a VR device, you play Octo, a Giant Octopus Monster, and if you access through Another Platform(Only PC or Mobile), you play Hunter, a Shopping Mall Employee with a Diver concept.

  • Each player who has become an Octo and Hunter team will fight at "OctoMall", an American Shopping Mall in the 80s with Neon signs, Retro concepts, and Unusual Underwater Floors.
〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓VR PLAYER : OCTO (PC VR)〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

  • Connect your VR device to Steam VR on the Desktop and Play the Game, and you become an Octo Character, a Giant Octopus Monster Boss.

  • If Octo wants to Win, Attack Octo's opponent, Hunter's team, and consume 10 Hunter Team Life!

  • To Attack Hunter, Throw a props and Give it an Explosion Damage or Throw Hunter into the Water to Damage Over Time!
Octo's Ability

1. Octo's Tentacle :

The Arms of Octo are Huge Tentacles.

This Tentacle can be Stretched Long in the Front direction of the controller by Pressing the Trigger Button of the VR controller.

You can see the limit of stretching the Tentacle with the Laser guide and the X icon.

2. Tentacle Move :

Tentacle Move is a Special Ability for Octo to move his body by Catching Neon Columns in the game with his tentacle.

If the Octo can hold the Neon Column, the Column turns green.

And when you hold the column and pull your arm in the opposite direction of the desired direction, the Octo moves in the desired direction.

(Neon pillars turn Red on the move.)

Octo can move Anywhere in that way!

3. Tentacle Throw :

You can catch and throw the props through the Octo's Tentacle.

Grab the surrounding props and click the Trigger Button Again to throw it in the Front direction of the controller.

Throw a Props and Give it an explosion damage, or Catch the Hunter yourself and Throw it into the Water!〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓PC PLAYER : HUNTER (PC, Windows)〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

  • If you Play the Game on your Desktop without connecting VR devices, you become a Hunter Team that Hunts Octopus Monster Bosses with other Hunters.

  • If Hunter Team wants to Win, Attack Hunter's opponent, Octo, and make Octo's HP zero!

  • To Attack Octo, Shoot the "Soda" Can at Octo's Head!
Hunter's Ability

1. Soda Shooting. :

Hunter can Get various Soda and Fire them with Their own Soda Gun.

If you want to keep Firing, Go Around the Game map and Get Soda.

Aim with the Right Click of the Mouse, and Shoot with the Left Click of the Mouse!

2. Grappling Hook. :

Hunter equipped with Soda Jetpack has a Grappling Hook for Fast Movement.

Press the Keyboard "E" key to Aim at the Hook Position and Release the key to Launch!

3. Boss Raid! :

Hunter Team has more Player than Octo. Push Hunt Octo, through Cooperation!

Unlike Octo, Hunter can Continue to Respawn as much as "Hunter Life". Fly your own body and Attack!

Hunters Shoot Different Soda Shots depending on the Platform they play on. (Minigun, Shot gun, Grenade launchers etc...)OctoRaid VR is Small Indie Game Project produced by Team BLENS

If you want to check more Game information and Guides or Gameplay issues or Suggestions, Access OctoRaid VR Official Website and Official Discord Channel!

In the Upcoming updates, We will Develop more Cross-platform Support, Add Features, and Bug Fix!

** Upcoming Cross-platform Support List **

  • Mobile (Android,IOS)

  • StandAlone VR (OculusQuest 1,2)

  • Mac
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