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Freezing Moon - Content update!

We are happy to present you a new game mode. Freezing Moon is faster, more intensive and challenging than the original game.

About the GameOctober Night Games is a digital tabletop game for 1-6 players about a battle between two mysterious cults. Every time the world stands at the crossroads, it is up to them to decide its fate.
The most known of those choices are done in the night when Halloween coincides with the full moon, giving the Outer Gods a chance to return to our realm in the full glory, and it is up to the cultists, whether to open the Gate. But there are many other fateful decisions all around the year.

Both sides draw strength from rituals that worship the Outer Gods, but their goals are entirely different: the Changers fight for a radical transformation of the world, while the Keepers try to stop them.
You don’t know who is on which team, so you alongside with magic and alchemy you will need your social deduction skills. The only one whom you can completely trust is your loyal familiar with unique skills.
You have to perform bloody rituals, mix alchemical essences, and survive both the town folk and unholy monsters. Each playthrough promises tension, intrigue, and plenty of hexes. Are you ready to play with forbidden magic?Features list
  • Literary inspirations: Roger Zelazny, H.P. Lovecraft, Abraham Merrit, Bram Stoker, Robert Bloch, and many others influenced our game's procedurally generated narrative.
  • Dastardly characters: Pick your own character, ranging from a mad monk to vampires, witches and more. Each packs unique abilities such as astral projection and the ability to drain life.
  • Eldritch pets: Select your familiar, such as a loyal dog, a gossiping bat or a sneaky cat.
  • Social deduction: Work out who is friend or foe. Each side will have its one wand Holder, Book Master and Lamp Bearer.
  • Multiple locations: Travel the town, graveyard and hollow, looking for cursed ingredients for your alchemy and rituals.

  • Summon horrors: Call on Cthulhu and beings even more inscrutable with your rituals.
  • Make magic: Experiment with transmutation and craft essences using a challenging but accessible alchemy mechanic.
  • Cursed combat: Fight off ghouls and angry townsfolk using a unique dice combat system, and perhaps even capture a minion or potential sacrifice.
  • Stay alive: Keep your health, sanity and reputation intact - or there will be terrible consequences.
  • Solo and multiplayer: Mix of competitive and cooperative play, hex your enemies and aid those you believe to be on your side.
  • Atmospheric: Enjoy vintage hand-tinted silent movie aesthetics and an old school horror style soundtrack.
  • Multiple replays: the combination of characters, familiars and allegiances is randomly generated with each game, along with the procedurally generated story.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Amazing occult ritual game where you and your hidden teammates are trying to work together and carry out more rituals than the opposing party. I find the game slightly to punishing sometimes when you gather the ingriedients for the rituals. Its only annoying that the AI f-ing cheats. They constantly fight and gather stuff (where you lose health or sanity) and still have tons of health when i encountered them. Makes no sense.

Review from Steam

Tentative thumbs up. If you like the Cthulhu theme and board games then you will probably like this. The main problem is that it's just a very confusing game. Even after reading the entire tutorial and playing the game a few times I still have a few unanswered questions.

Review from Steam

A little confusing at first... but the art and style is very beautiful!