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Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his dwindling oxygen — and sanity — give out. This first person survival story unfolds from inside a “walking coffin” — a half-ton, high-tech deep-sea dive suit — following an industrial catastrophe. Influenced and inspired by a growing appetite for unconventional horror and narrative-driven games, Narcosis is rooted in reality, but steeped in the surreal.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I can´t figure out why the game is called Narcosis, but I can for sure say that it is a really good game that took a few tries for me to get in to.
There are many reasons why it´s a hard to sell game for me. For one, the graphics are (at first glance) dull, gray and almost Doom 3 like.
There´s also the controls. Those can eat a bag of squid dicks.
Then again I can´t complain about it because I guess it´s made to simulate the feeling of moving around in a diving suit.
But then again when you´re in a dream sequence (on land) you still move around like that!?
What really saves this game is the story and the atmosphere which are (in my opinion) on par with the game "Soma".
It has been a couple of days after completing the game and I still think about the game.
Hence, I recommend it but maybe on a sale!

Review from Steam

Played on Linux using Proton-GE, Works just as well with normal Proton but for me when i exit back to desktop it gets stuck and i have to kill/close the game, does not do this with Proton-GE-6.16-1.
Very Good Graphics, Good Sound, Plays Great, Nice under water horror'ish Game, Some Boost Jumps can be annoying as is getting past most of the large spider crabs, but overall a really good Game, Walking Only but can use a short boost jump and walking is slow but you are wearing a very heavy underwater suit so it adds to the Game rather than annoy.
I Recommend the Game.

Review from Steam

It's a solid 7 out of 10.
Basically a horror walking simulator on the bottom of the ocean. There's a very solid story here and a lot of atmosphere, but not much in the way of anything else.
5 hours to wrap it up is good - it doesn't overstay its welcome, but doesn't feel too short.

Review from Steam

☠️ Narcosis gives you cause to ask, "Why become a deep sea diver?" ☠️

An earthquake quickly throws your day job as a deep sea pressure diver into disarray, which immediately moves your focus to your own survival. By "survival," I don’t mean following the game's narrative, believing you will be rewarded with an abundance of oxygen, allowing you to casually follow the story. If you focus too much on the plot, you will forget that this is not a game that rewards puzzle solving by giving you respite in the form of 02 tanks where you think they should have been, it will sharply remind you that survival is well and truly about being focused and aware of your 02 level whilst avoiding the numerous things that wish to take it away from you!

Narcosis creates the illusion of control and understanding of the games mechanics by throwing you into a swimming pool, clearly depicting the training that the individuals who have chosen this unbelievably difficult job, alongside the use of flares, the knife, and the boost feature of your diving suit, you realise that these were tools designed to support the work you, as the player, will never experience. Instead, you must use your knowledge to survive long enough in order to assess your steps towards rescue, or indeed rescue yourself!

This was one of the earliest games I purchased on Steam, and I waited for a considerable length of time to play it simply to ensure I could give it my undivided attention (and as it turns out, the time that it deserved).

A word of warning: it doesn’t take long to realise that although your suit protects you from the things lurking in the deep depths of the ocean, a sudden change in your perspective will herald the realisation that you may be walking around in your own tomb.

This is a phenomenal game that I recommend you throw yourself into and see it through to its conclusion.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Review from Steam

A horror game? Set underwater? Sign me up.
In all seriousness, though, amazing atmosphere, nice voice acting and an awesome, well-executed, very haunting twist ending. I wish it was longer. My only gripe would be that the player character could move a little bit faster, but that's not a big deal at all. Definitely recommend it.

Review from Steam

Narcosis is relatively short but highly atmospheric, my first playthrough took about two and a half hours but I was also taking my time at it. There are definite horror aspects to the game, but it's not exactly a horror game. There are also definite survival aspects to the game, but it's not really a survival game either.
Essentially it is an atmospheric, occasionally scary, story game with beautiful graphics, good controls, and an awful lot to explore and find. You can definitely replay it, although a replay is more aimed at 100% item completion than exploring new story or getting a different ending. I didn't try it in VR, but I'm sure in VR the scary atmosphere effect is significantly amplified.

Review from Steam

Before I say anything, you absolutely need to screw around with the controls and turning settings if you are using VR. This games initial controls are wonky as hell, but it's customizable enough that it works great with some small tinkering. I was using a Vive headset with a gamecube controller so you can definitely make anything work.
If you're not scared of the ocean this game might not do it for you for scares. I found myself just enjoying the environment and pacing rather than being scared, and I rarely used flares to even light up dark places. The first real enemy you encounter I tried to be friends with until it stabbed me in the face... I seriously thought it was a chill homie at first.
Still, I like the game and it's pretty fun. It's worth the price tag imo.