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NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

Authors of NAIRI: Tower of Shirin really thought up very interesting world in which people get on with various anthropomorphous animals therefore all road the girl by the name of Nairi communicates with the speaking cats, dogs, ducks, bears, and the little mouse Rex who at first pretended to be the smuggler accompanies it in adventures, but it was the scientist. To speak in any case if the raccoon was a teacher and the tutor Nairi. However all this entertaining zoology should not confuse you. First, it quite keeps within traditions of a fantasy, for example what was done by Hayao Miyazaki and his animation studio Ghibli. Secondly, before us really big, fascinating and places very touching adventure.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A great story and challenging puzzles to give your brain a workout
Nairi: Tower of Shirin is a point-and-click adventure produced by the team at HomeBearStudio where players follow Nairi in her quest to reunite with her parents. Along the way, she’ll meet a colourful cast of characters, both friend and foe as she explores hand-drawn environments like desert bandit camps, bustling cities, and ancient underground temples. The story seems simple enough, and while the dialogue doesn't complicate things. The game itself has remarkable, gentle humour with great storytelling and challenging puzzles that will keep you thinking for hours.
Given the games mechanics rely on point-and-click and puzzle solving. You’ll collect items as you explore different areas, which can be combined to complete quests or solve certain riddles. Along the way, you talk to everyone you meet in order to find answers that help you in your quest, as this game really relies on a strong narrative to make progressions. Between each puzzle section are snippets of story with slightly animated cutscenes hand-painted with a nice watercolour vibrancy.
While players may miss the lack of hotspot highlighting, the puzzles aren't so difficult. Just a few a number are challenging, and you'll spend some time trying to find hotspots on your own to see what you can interact with, but puzzle solutions are plausible. Sadly, I cannot say the same for last part game riddles... the ones at Tower of Shirin are quite hard to figure out and can be catalogued as nonsensical at first.
Even though there is no Spanish translation available at the moment and the Latin-American one is full of typos and errors, I had lots of fun with this game! The story is very catchy with enough twists and revelations that make it feel like a Disney tale. The puzzles are creative enough and really get you to think. Moreover, this game has some impressive artwork,.. so must go for it and try the game yourself! Totally, recommended.

Review from Steam

Nairi is a small girl from an upper cast of Shirin living in seclusion from the outer world. That comes to an end as her house gets suddenly stormed by city guards and her parents are thrown into prison. For her protection she gets smuggled out of the city. Caravan taking her to a safe place is overrun by bandits though and she ends up as their hostage. As Nairi is a clever girl she manages to escape her captivity, not far mind you, but with this courageous act she earns the respect of the bandit group. They accept her among themselves and although she enjoys their company and new found friendship she is still haunted by the fate of her parents. It's decided then, Nairi has to return to the Shirin!
With the help of Rex, friend of our bandit group leader, she has to find a way back to the upper district. It won't be easy though as there are many obstacles on her way - a poor district full of gangs fighting for territory, guards searching for her, a mysterious masked man hiding in the shadows. And to spice it up some more there is also a dark prophecy about the city and mysterious powers manifesting within Nairi!
Nairi: Tower of Shirin is a cute little game with charming graphics and music, well written characters and interesting lore. The city of Shirin is very lively and you are going to meet a big cast of characters, some minor and some more important. There are both humans and anthropomorphic animals (and they are really cute). It's mostly a visual novel filled with logical puzzles, hidden objects and classic item combinations. Puzzles are of a good difficulty and are pretty straightforward, yet some of them offer a good challenge too. The mood of the game is pretty much cheerful and positive, although some darker themes resurface from time to time (which honestly surprised me a little as one wouldn't expect it from such a game).
It all ends pretty much on a cliffhanger, luckily sequel should be released this year! Can't wait. ;)

Review from Steam

Overall definitely worth a look.
-Charming Dialog
-Engaging Story
-Pretty Art-style
-Pleasant Soundtrack
-Interesting puzzle design, your typical point and click inventory/conversation based puzzles for the most part with a few areas I'd describe as puzzle gauntlets/dungeons. Just the right level of difficulty IMHO
-Great Value for the content.
-Navigation can be confusing and there is no fast travel.
-No voice acting (would have really added to the immersion for a game like this.)
-There is an annoying sound played when the dialog is being written out. Think of an old telegraph machine.
-Hot-spots could be a bit misleading. Most of the time your mouse pointer turns into a magnifying glass when you hover over an interaction point but occasionally it doesn't. You might end up clicking every pixel if you get stuck.
-Ends on a cliffhanger.

Review from Steam

I can't easily express how endearing and fresh Nairi was to experience. It's clear the developers put a lot of lore building and deep love into crafting this one, and I look forward to see where this series ends up. Accessible to any type of gamer, and I can see this becoming a childhood favorite game for many young gamers. It has A LOT of potential.
Female protagonist paired with an adorable animal companion, players must solve a variety of puzzles, while some aspects of them became confusing, I don't think it would be too frustrating for younger players.
The level of care that went into the story and its characters was extremely surprising to me, and players will get lost in caring for many of the side characters and helpers in the lead's life. I found myself wanting to know more about the cultures, kingdoms, conflicts, and just general personal life of a lot of the NPCs. The protag herself was likeable as well, and I think the younger crowd would relate to her and enjoy the humor of the dialogues between characters.
Not difficult to 100% the game and can be done within a single playthrough, and from my knowledge none of the achievements were hardlocked in you missed them initially. I highly recommend everyone give this team and game a try, and I myself will be purchasing the next installment as soon as its released! Good luck guys. :)