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Mythic Dungeons

Mythic Dungeons is a stage clear type 2.5D side-scrolling action game.
Online & local multiplay are available in PvE format.

  • Players will capture one huge stage with no partition between scenes.
  • The character has a nurturing element in which you can enhance with the equipment and items available within the stage.
  • Playing one stage may take about 20 to 30 minutes.
    So, you can play in a little free time and achieve a feeling of accomplishment
  • Multiplay can be available locally up to 4 people and online with up to 10 people. Then, with 4 locals, you can play online together.
  • There are two matching systems, quick match and custom match.
    Both matches use the so-called drop-in-dropout format.
    Players can always get in and out, and things that affect playing game such as remaining HP of monsters are automatically adjusted at the timing when the players get in and out.
    Since the transfer of the host is done automatically, there is no penalty for disconnection.
  • The content emphasizes replay-ability such as hack and slash rather than story and world view.
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