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Murderwave: Digital Slaughter

Murderwave: Digital Slaughter is about the simple satisfaction that comes from using fun weapons to gun down, blow up, and otherwise murder tons of enemies. Intended to be more relaxing and addictive than challenging, you'll still have to keep moving to keep the fight going, keeping your energy up and looking out for MurderZones to give you unlimited firepower. Kick back, relax, and blow some heads off, or better yet, electrocute 20 enemies at once. Unlock new weapons, levels, and enemies to fight as your MurderCount rises.

..Or maybe rocket jump off a corpse in mid air? Get out there and expose some rib cages, have fun!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Being someone who purchased this early access game almost as soon as it came out -- as I had had it on my wishilst for a few weeks prior to its release...
I think for what it is, Murderwave is a pretty good run n' gun, for early access, however it's pretty shallow and monotonous, and once you unlock and use the game crasher there's no reason to go back and replay it except maybe the 2 or 3 achievements you haven't already unlocked by time you deliberately crash your game.
It reminds me a lot of the Boxhead series of flash games, the top down shooters with no story at all where you're a character with a gun, there are plenty of other characters after you and you kill them to unlock guns, levels, and upgrades with which you kill more characters.
But this praise is also where the problem lies, since it makes Murderwave a one-and-done game. I'd personally recommend the game, but only once.

Review from Steam

A fun little run and gun with a short term goal. The ultimate sit back and chill game. Customize who you fight, go for a kill goal to advance, great aesthetic. A lot to love here and can't wait to see what it does through the early access evolution.

Review from Steam

is nice

Review from Steam

helped me conquer my fear of clowns

Review from Steam

pretty good game. makes my pp jump everytime i load it up

Review from Steam

Nice and fluid gameplay with an intuitive design. I haven't played it much yet due to changing schools and all but the time I've spend playing it was thoroughly enjoyable. I've been friends with Austin for a long time now and it's awesome to see his talent come into fruition. In his mapping days on Gmod I always loved how little notes and dialogue screens described features of the maps as I was pretty young at the time I started playing gmod and it made me able to understand more of what was possible. Austin takes this aspect of his maps into this game with a playable tutorial that lets you explore the mechanics of the game without being too linear or drawn out. The music and map design fit the gameplay and the visuals perfectly and the weapon set allows for some nice abilities like rocket-jumping and if you're up for it a drawn-out melee fight.
Ultimately I enjoy this game a ton and I'm probably gonna play it when I do shrooms some day soon, probably the only game I would be able to understand at that point without being frustrated ^^

Review from Steam

This game is like if edlen souls and cyberpunk 2069 had baby