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Mr. Sleepy Man

The Steam Next Fest demo for Mr. Sleepy Man is now available!

Are you ready to play?

It's getting late for the citizens of Bedtime Town, and it looks like there's one peculiar fellow who's up way past his bedtime...

Mr. Sleepy Man is a sandbox-adventure where you play as a sleepy guy who's not really in control of his own actions. It's up to you to decide whether this world is a sweet dream or a nightmare.

Mr. Sleepy Man has many tricks up his...pajamas. He can just about interact with anything he gets his little hands on. Let's hope he doesn't accidently break someone's dreams in the process.

What can Mr. Sleepy Man do?

  • He can pick up almost anything he finds,

  • jump his way through countless obstacles,

  • Glide through the air with his trusty safety blankey,

  • Put his foes into a deep slumber with the smack of his pillow,

  • Catch up on his favorite late night TV programs,

  • And most importantly... sleep.
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