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Witness the story of Josh Lattey while solving mind boggling puzzles using mirrors, reflections, time, and physics. Mirrorama offers an exceptional experience for puzzle game lovers.

Explore a colorful world full of puzzles waiting for you to solve them. Often you will find yourself in situations where you will have to think critically to overcome the puzzles you encounter. In this world you will need to use mirrors in various ways to find the solutions.

  • 18 Levels
  • Fun mechanics
  • You can manipulate mirrors, reflections, time and physics to solve the puzzles

  • Puzzles will get progressively harder
  • Colorful and gorgeous stylized graphics
  • Minimalistic and liminal level designs with a touch of 90s aesthetics
  • You can kick and throw boxes around(Trust me it is very fun to play with boxes)

Unfold the truth with an interactive story. Mirrorama has a unique way of storytelling to talk about the life of the main protagonist Josh Lattey.

  • An interesting & dark story
  • Story supported with atmospheric original music

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This is a short puzzle game that relies entirely on its twist: the mirror.
You can freeze time in the mirror, then cross into it and duplicate objects this way. You can use your reflection to hold down a button or hold a box in mid air to create a platform.
If you like puzzle games like Superliminal or The Talos Principle, odds are you'll like this one. I recommend getting it on sale, as it is short and I thought it was a bit too easy, save for the last two puzzles. But I think it's worth buying for those two puzzles alone, as they are pretty clever.
This is also the only game I know where you can play piano with a banana.

Review from Steam

The game is very interesting, and the levels are fun to play. Some of them really had me stumped for a while. After I passed the game, it was still fun to go back and play around with the blocks and mirror mechanics

Review from Steam

I am surprised this game is not getting more traction. This is a must-play if you are into puzzle genre or you have played and liked games like Portal and Superliminal.

Review from Steam

I have not felt this kind of puzzle-solving satisfaction since the Portal series ended.
This game contains:
- Engaging puzzles
Once I picked it up, I couldn't stop thinking about it until I have finished the game.
- Adorable sound design and music
It is berry berry niceu indeed.

Review from Steam

For the original idea. And the clever puzzles. Most I like is the mirror mechanism first time I saw a game with that.
Well made game.

Review from Steam

I am surprised how well the mirror mechanic works. Neat amazing puzzle game !!!