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Minotaur Maze

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About the GameIn ancient mythological times, there was a king who had a beautiful daughter named Ariadne. Cruel god Hades wanted to marry her but she refused, and as punishment, he imprisoned Ariadne in a labyrinth guarded by a ferocious monster. Your goal as the hero is to descend into the maze and rescue the princess while staying clear of the Minotaur!

Minotaur Maze is a simple action puzzle game about navigating a maze and avoiding a monster. Somewhere out there lurking (maybe just around the corner), The Minotaur is honing in on your location and hunting you down! With each level of the labyrinth, the difficulty increases because the maze gets larger and the Minotaur gets faster. Do you have the heroism to solve your way through Minotaur Maze?

  • Maze-navigating action-puzzle challenge
  • 3D pixel art and first-person camera
  • 7 levels with increasing difficulty
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I'd recommend this game, it's a nice little dungeon runner game.
Your goal is to navigate through mazes to rescue the princess and then ...
The controls are simple and effective, you can adjust your camera angle too if needed.
You go through seven different mazes while the Minotaur is hunting you too.
Each maze gets bigger and the Minotaur becomes faster.
The game fullfills what it has announced, it has nice music and audio and a pleasant looking artstyle.
And it's free.
Overall, i think it's a nice little game to spend time on, relatively short depending on your pace but the Minotaur might surprises you around a corner.

Review from Steam

A maze game. Obviously, but there's not much else to it. A lone Minotaur, roaming the mazes, is the only obstacle.
This is made in RPG Maker, or doing a very good impression of a game made in RPG Maker. It uses a slightly choppy first person 3D view, which made me feel a bit dizzy and uncomfortable. Turning around takes slightly too long, and sometimes just getting one step to the left and moving forward can be very fiddly and annoying. My first 10 minute session got me to level 6 (of 7?), so I don't expect finishing it will take much longer.
With the issues mentioned above, I probably wouldn't recommend this even as a very cheap game, but it is free. The title screen gives an option to wishlist another game, which I assume this is promoting. Runs on low-end systems, undemanding and just engaging enough to give it a "one more level" hook.
(I'm also going to admit I was ever so slightly startled when the minotaur apparently crept up behind me, with a sudden noise. Not super jump-scary, but maybe not recommended for the extremely nervous.)

Review from Steam

Oh no! The Minotaur got me... I'll have to play until I find a proper shotgun!