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Merge It

In this game you can make new objects by combining other objects. There are instructions that say what objects can be merged together to create another one. You can often interact with these instructions to create new rules and change the old ones.

Your goal in every level is to collect any star on the game field. This is not always easy to do.
There are 14 different types of objects with unique properties and behaviour. Every object is colored in one of 8 colors.
If two objects have different colors they are not the same objects for instructions. For example if there is an instruction that says "two blue boxes create green wall" you can't apply it to white boxes to create a wall.

Short description of some object types:
  • Paint that can change colors of other objects
  • Puzzle pieces that stick together when touch
  • Generators of other objects
  • Objects that move until they hit a wall when you push them

You can undo any wrong move.
There is no timer or moves count. So you can enjoy more than 100 levels in you own pace!
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