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MelDEV Power Boat Racing

Power Boat Racing in a new flavour. Real ocean physics, in a brand new way. Correct your trim to prevent turnovers, or to cut corners at fastest possible speed.

Race agianst different opponents in different environments or just go for a cruise and skip the racing for a while. Put on you VR-Glasses and let yourself be on the virtual water.

You will experience that different hulltypes have different characteristics.

This game have been under development for a long time since the ocean/water physics is a beast to render.

- Full support for Logitech SteeringWheel.

- Full support for Xinput Controllers (Any Controller can be used and any axis assigned)

- Full support for Simtools (MotionRig).

- Full support for VR (HTC Vive) Seated (VR controllers only to navigate menus), Occulus not yet tested.

- Multiplayer Support.

We will keep pushing updates with new Tracks and New Boats!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I am enjoying the direction this game is going. I've looked for a realistic offshore boat racing games for years, even writing to gaming developers. Once they add maps of the course pre race and allow steering wheels, this game will be at the top of racing simulators. Keep up the good work.