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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance lets players create their ultimate team from the largest superhero alliance ever as they engage in an epic quest to determine the fate of the Marvel universe. Players can control their own completely unique team by selecting from the largest roster of legendary superheroes ever assembled in one game. Through the epic campaign, the heroes will battle, team-up, and interact with over 140 characters from the Marvel universe and ultimately confront notorious villains. Use a universal team upgrade system to balance your heroes' powers, or customize each member to maximize their effectiveness. In addition to engaging in the epic single-player storyline, you can converge in battle, online or offline, against the world's most evil Super Villains. Switch between cooperative and competitive mode to partner or challenge up to three other players.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

So far so good.
I've seen tons of negative reviews, so I waited for a good sale before picking this up
(you should too because the non-sale price is ridiculous for such an old game.)
I'm not blown away by this port by any means, but it seems the patches have removed many of the technical issues which caused a lot of frustration for most at launch.
My experience so far:
Except for an odd issue detecting the appropriate resolution at the first start up (self resolved on subsequent lauches), I've had no problems.
-I'm playing with a wireless xbox 360 controller, and all the controls seems mapped appropriately. (My understanding was this had to be patched. Also note that I can't speak to the quality of the mouse and keyboard controls, but since it is a port I'd expect they aren't amazing)
-No crashes
-No bad audio issues
It plays how I remember it playing on the xbox 360.
It doesn't offer anything new, but if you play with 360 controller you too can recreate fond memories of a heroic beat-em-up now on your PC.
I've also played some in Ultimate Alliance 2 and my assement of that is the same as this.

Review from Steam

All the reports about the controller issues are unfortunately true. Although I condemn the developer and publisher for allowing this product to still be in the Steam Store despite that obvious issue, I cannot condemn the title itself due to my nostalgic ties, and eventually getting it running the way it should have been. If you don't mind the added file work, you can get this title running quite well.
The two things I did to fix my issues were adjust the controller inputs via Xinput, and manipulate the graphics file.
I downloaded the Xinput program from here after looking up a video linking it on YouTube.

Now that link is in another language, but if you download it in Chrome it will offer you to translate it.
Below I'll include some links to images that will help you convert the controls properly, shout out to Steam User machine4578 for providing the images via a Steam Community post on the game.

If you get through all that the other fix is a lot easier. After you load up the game, go into the settings and play around with the gamma or adjust something so that the game makes a graphics file. Afterwards you want to navigate to that file, usually following a path similar to the one below:
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\Settings
Open up the settings in notepad and adjust away. I played with the resolution, to match my monitor (1920x1080), quality (set it to 9) and refresh rate (set it to 144001 for 144hz monitor). So far no complaints. If something crops up I'll update this review.
It blows my mind how I can play a game that I originally played on PS2 as a kid all these days later on PC with achievements and impressive visuals (if you play around with the graphics file). Kind of disappointed in the developer and publisher for not patching it so that the controller and graphics are configurable from in game, but the game itself can still be set up to run better than I remember it as a kid. For that I can't bring myself to give it a thumbs down. If messing around with those files frightens you, maybe emulate it. I decided to pick it up for the achievements and Steam integration. If you have questions regarding how I set it up feel free to comment below, and hopefully this review was helpful to someone!

Review from Steam

Like most of the reviewers on here I purchased Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on a pure nostalgia kick.
The Ultimate Alliance series along with its predecessor, X-Men Legends, were really fun to play (and replay) with my friends back in the day. All of them are still definitely my favorite style of co-op games, i really appreciated how each player can pick a character to match their own playstyle.
You feel like hanging back and blasting fools from a distance with projectiles? Done.
Wanna mow through 'em one by one like a tank? Go for it.
Oh, you prefer to stick to the skies and rain down haymakers? No problemo!
The flexibility in how you approached each stage was (and still is) awesome, countless hours were spent playing through the story with different combinations of teams and it was cool to see how certain team combos were given boosts i.e. Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-men etc.
Unfortunately, when it comes to this port on Steam, i'm just not interested in spending more hours than the few that i already have on an otherwise great game... as you will see in other reviews, controllers are virtually un-usable due to the button mapping. The fact that the game is still being offered for purchase with this major issue is insulting to the series and to the community. It's like expecting people to pay for a car that they can barely drive and having no issues with selling such a sub-par product... even on a sale it's questionnable.
I hope that Steam will increase their standards for what they allow to be sold on here. With this major issue, it would make more sense that you tell the publisher to fix it with a patch or otherwise remove it from the store completely if they fail to do so within a given time. In its current state, it's honestly not doing anyone any good, and hasn't been for a long time.
===== Verdict =====
Visually it runs really well on high settings with no bugs (so far), but that's pretty much where the pros stop.
I'm being really generous here when i say that i recommend this game, and that's only because i absolutely love this game, especially when the plot takes you to Asgard since i'm a big fan of Norse mythology. More so, i recommend it only because technically it does work on my setup after taking a good 20 minutes to map the buttons on keyboard and peripherals. I bought this game purely to enjoy it with friends again, but since controllers don't work, i'm left playing it on my own which takes a lot away from the game's potential experience that i remember.
If you love this series and don't mind playing it alone on keyboard + peripherals (i don't, game runs beatifully), then this games for you.
If you don't subscribe to the above points, honestly just skip it and spend your money on something else. You will be dissapointed...
========== SPECS ==========
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
i7-7820HK 2.9 GHz (8M cache, up to 3.9 GHz)
GTX 1080 (8 GB DDR5)
32 GB DDR4 2800 MHz
Peripherals Used for Review
Razer Naga
Razer Orbweaver

Review from Steam

People, people, people!
Calm down, please.
Go. To. Big. Picture. Mode.
Follow this guide:

Review from Steam

First of all to address the negative reviews, I played this game solo on an xbox one s controller through two playthroughs one on normal the other on hard, there was no bugs it worked great, the RT on my controller wasn't working and I fixed it using This Guide however using a second controller on local coop wasn't fixed for me but it was fixed for others, am pretty sure there's something on my end I should do but didn't put the effort to find out what.
Now to the game, if you're not familiar with the franchise this was originally released in 2006, it is not a 2016 game that's just a remake and my opinion since I played it when it first came till now hasn't changed, this and the second are the best games that portray the marvel universe, with its simple gameplay and the huge roster of superheroes available to pick from and their multiple hero powers to switch through, the game is so much fun I did 2 playthroughs and I could still do more Looking at you Ultimate Alliance 2 . They put together a really nice story combining there multiple characters and they show you in the end through cinematics the effects of your choices in optional misions, I don't follow the comics much so I can't compare its accuracy to them.
There's a bit of a grind here to unlock everything but you can move your progress through playthroughs and after I finished my second run it was easy to get currency and unlock stuff so if you're like me and wanna try em all dem heroes to their full potential, it is possible.
It is a great deal if you get this and the second on sale, just playing the story solo is worth the money in fun.

Review from Steam

I love this game, and I hate this game in equal measures.
Ultimate Alliance is an action packed ARPG in 3/4 view. Take up to 4 heros on missions from Genosha, Murderworld, Atlantis, and everywhere else in the Marvel Universe.
The combat is straight beat-em-up with Super Powers in the mix. You can Upgrade your powers and gain new ones as you level up. Depending on your team, you can even combine powers for a much greater effect. My favorite combined power is when Hulk throws Wolverine for a "Speedball Special" - a move pulled straight out of the comics.
The character selection is quite large even from the start. Want a team of Dr.Doom on the Fantastic Four? No Problem. An Xmen squad with Dr Strange? Why not. There are about 16 or so characters to start with and more to unlock as you progress through the story. Characters get different costumes from different eras that augment certain powers.
Depending how you pick your team of 4 may give you certain perks. Pick 4 Avengers for a Damage Bonus, pick 4 Xmen for a defense bonus, etc.
The Fan Service in this game is second to none. There are so many collectibles, Side missions, Costumes, Trivia Quizzes, and Easter Eggs that even the hardest-core fan will appreciate.
Now the bad, and I mean its really bad. The Controls Are Garbage. I mean my god, the control scheme is set up for a Keyboard and thats it. There is no controller support. I'm not joking. Oh, and there is no way to change the keyboard layout either. Luckily I was able to use my Steam controller to make a profile, but without it the game is literally unplayable.
Oh, and it has the most annoying bug of making me change my controller config to default, then back to my personal config EVERY TIME I START THE GAME. It is so annoying.
So all in all, I love what the game has to offer, but no Controller support is absolutely ridiculous! I understand the Devs wanting a quick cash-grab on an old IP, but how could they deny controller support?
This is my hardest 'Recommend' yet, but it gets the thumbs up because the game itself is magnificient, but the way it was rolled out is just awful.
5/10 - Barely recommendable.

Review from Steam

All launch issues aside, this game has finally come into a working state. The controller issues have been fixed as well as online (my brother and I have tested this and he's running an OG 360 wired controller with me running a wireless 360 controller with a non-Microsoft wireless adapter with MS drivers).
I see a lot of hate for this game but most of it was PRIOR TO THE UPDATES TO FIX THE ISSUES. Hopefully a lot of people will see this or the people who bought it on rlease (as I did) will change their reviews of the game.
The DLC will be released (no word on WHAT DLC as there was differing DLC for each platform) according to Marvel's Twitter account.
I'd also like to point out that the game crashes after finishing the training/VR missions (I can't remember what they're called off hand). It crashes (for me) 100 percent of the time. Hopefully there's a patch incoming for it. Will update if/when fixed.