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A hypnotic and meditative bullet hell shooter. Let the flow inspire you while coloring geometric figures and discover more about yourself through immersive moods.What is a mandala
Mandala in the eastern languages means circle and they are geometric shapes inspired by nature and the world surrounding us. They unfurl from a center and spread out towards the edges, in the direction of infinity. Drawing and coloring a mandala has been a meditative activity since a long time. It lets one explore themselves through an interesting choice of shades which represent a creative stimulation.

Mandala brings forth this experience in a videogame.Game experienceThe game's rhythm is not hectic, but it requires concentration and reflexes nonetheless: the mandala shoots slow and numerous bullets which move in a rotating fashion. The complex patterns are hard to predict and feel hypnotic. The colors and the music help creating a strong sense of immersion, aided by a steady gameplay rhythm.

CustomizationThe mandala's customization is essential: you can choose between various drawings, styles, brushes, tones, themes and music that influence both gameplay and aesthetics. Each game is unique and Mandala gives you total creative freedom.

A linking storyThin, yet enduring threads link every mandala to each other... like true friendship. Discover the story of Camilla through the pages of a diary; unveil her story by completing all the mandalas in the book.

The editor and social mediaWhen you complete a mandala, it is possible to view your score and be rewarded with various marks, depending on how well you played. There is also an editor in which you can customize the output of your game, export the image in .png format and share it both on social media and online leaderboards.

Main features
  • Immersive, hypnotic gameplay
  • 8 mandalas to color with a pastel-styled book
  • 32 colors and 8 brushes to unleash your creativity
  • In-game editor for sharing your inspiration on social media
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Beautiful game,
everything about this game is relaxing, from gameplay to music, with incremental difficulty.
you can create beautiful color compositions with lots of mandalas and save them to file!
It can be played with both keyboard and gamepad.

Review from Steam

There is this kind of game where you while playing constantly wonder: Why did no one ever do this before? This one idea, so simple yet so captivating, can make a game stand out and defy all genres.
I never came to play any classic bullet hell shooters. Normally this is too stressfull, too competitive, too much for me. But Mandala took this mechanics and made it better. Instead of fighting, you create something. Something that you can craft together in a careful selection of colours and patterns; or something that is randomly generated and still beautiful. Mandala gives you what the title promises: Mandalas to fill out while shooting colour at them and evading the enemies bullets. And the results remind me of my childhood, sitting at my desk and painting self-created mandalas.
Although I am really bad at this I can't but return and try again. It is relaxing, but challenging. Soothing, but frustrating. I went out of my way playing Mandala, and didn't regret it.

Review from Steam

A cool, relaxing coloring game for shmup/bullet hell players. Really hope it can support the workshop to add custom sketches.

Review from Steam

Mesmerizing and Fun
I don't know how I happened upon this but I almost didn't get it. I'm glad I did, and for such a good price too. I'm sure hopefully more will be added but its polished and plays very well with a controller. It does make you sit down and concentrate but in a relaxed way, and has a nice spice of difficulty.
The gameplay is splendid, and unlike anything else I've seen. once you're in a groove with the projectiles and what you're doing it truly is hypnotic, and typically once I finish one I'll look around at everything slightly twisting/spinning. I'm sure some might dislike that but Its quite fun and almost psychedelic but more of like one of those optical illusions you stare at.
I wasn't ready for so many good games this year, and even a small indie game like this fits perfectly if you need a small break from elden ring or insert whatever main game has you hooked.