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Maiden and Spell

Maiden & Spell is a one-on-one magical girl aerial projectile battler, featuring a colorful cast of ladies fighting with fantastic spells.

Battling with magic is simple! Fire your spells, hit your opponent, and don't get hit yourself! Each maiden is color-coded and has a set of abilities unique to them, activated at a press of a button. There aren't any complicated combos or intricate inputs or grabs or melee attacks or block buttons! Just a 3-pixels-wide hitbox, a lot of shiny bullets, and your own dodging skills.

You can fight against a friend in Versus Mode, or test your skill against a series of opponents and bullet hell boss attacks in Story Mode.

An abyss on the edge of the map, said to be the most dangerous dungeon in the world... The Great Circle. A group of young adventurers travel down into its depths in search of a powerful treasure.

Awaiting them are cute monsters, nonsensical architecture, and an ancient city once known as The Kingdom of Stars....

  • A unique versus game with a whimsical fantasy aesthetic

  • 8 cute maidens to play as, each with their own magical attacks, abilities, and playstyles

  • Versus Mode, where you can play 1 v 1 matches against your friends

  • Story Mode, fight against a series of opponents mixed in with 70+ challenging attack patterns to defeat

  • Extra unlockables and optional challenges that will truly test your skills

  • A JRPG-battle-theme inspired soundtrack by composer Steel_plus

  • Online battling with lobbies and rollback
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Ever played touhou? Okay so basically forget that but actually think to touhou 9 and maybe somewhere in the pc98 era too probably, where they did pvp. Now forget about that too but also keep in mind this is a lot like touhou but pvp. Like actually pvp instead of that split screen wierdness that was phantasmagoria. You got bullets and you got dodging.
Unlike in the touhou shooters, you ain't pissing a stream of bullets at the boss while trying not to get hit. You basically ARE the boss. Each character's gonna be giving you your own kit of magical bullets ranging from big ol' screen-filling wide attacks, to freaking laser beams, one of them drops the bloody moon every couple of seconds, and another summons waffles :D. And it's one-on-one, you against the enemy, also a boss, also hurling magic at you, and also actively avoiding your bs.
Ever played the touhou fighters? Yeah its a lot like those but also forget about the touhou fighters. This ain't no street fighters. None of those convoluted directional combos that you have to memorise, just 2d flying shooter movement and a button for each different attack. But you could totally make this into combo combo uppercut arcade fighters if you wanted. Just a little bit of decent positioning, using certain attacks to guide your opponent into the perfect spot AND THEN BAM! hit em with the basic attack while they're trapped. Or something like that. Keep in mind you're also needing to be actively avoiding their stream of piss. This is a game that requires you to use 100% of your brain. Much like touhou.
bUT UNLike touhou, it's also a pretty decent multiplayer experience. Whatever the dev used for letting me duke it out with another bro across the world, it works like a charm, unlike the touhou fighters (which i never figured out how to get working).
There's also a cute little story mode where you can go watch the girls doin whatever they're doin. There's the standard pvp type battling with the computer bosses but, (okay this bit's actually a lot like touhou) they also have phases where they get a big amount of health and start launching big ol' spellcards at ya. They're quite fun to dodge and play through. And there are varying difficulties for folks to hang around in depending on how epic they're feeling that day.
Look, i didn't even know touhou before I got into this game, but, if you liked the touhou games then dude, try this out. Otherwise, I'm still recommending this game, it's got cute girls, nice art, and the soundtrack's pretty good. A solid bullet-hell shooter experience that's also pretty fun to drag your friends into.

Review from Steam

hiddemn gem

Review from Steam

There is a tribe in this game in which their only form of communication is Gahhh! My goal is to understand their way of life.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

cunny bunny kills you over and over and says gahhh

Review from Steam

This game is a very solid title for anyone into Bullet Hell games, or even someone that's remotely interested in the genre, and I would argue that at the current price point, it's well worth it for anyone that's a little piqued by it to pick it up. I've not experienced much of the multiplayer yet, but to be honest I genuinely feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of the story mode alone, so the fact that it's a dope PvP fighting game with rollback netcode is just a mountain's worth of icing on the cake.
The difficulty is below-average for a Bullet Hell on Normal mode, but this might be more of a strength than a weakness considering the greater amount of mechanics at play. The higher difficulties look as if they will be sufficiently challenging for the hardened danmaku addict, anyway.
Each character has a unique and cohesive kit of tools that make them stand out from the rest of the cast, making it particularly enjoyable to go through the story mode and get the hang of using each of the protagonists in their individual scenarios.
The art-style is delightfully adorable, the hand-drawn characters look especially cute against the Touhou-esque scrolling 3D backgrounds. "Touhou-esque" is an apt descriptor for the story, dialogue, and overall game feel as well. The game, to my perception at least, is very heavily inspired by Touhou, from the way patterns are laid out on the screen to cheeky spellcard references. As an avid Touhou fan, this endeared me more than anything, but others might feel differently.
I only wish that there were more single-player content for the game, not because I feel there should be more for the price of the game, but simply because I would love more of this game to play and to have scenarios centered around the "monster" characters and their own unique movesets. At the time of this review I know very little of the developers behind this game, but I hope that they continue on with either updating this game or making it into a series as I believe this is a gem of a game.

Review from Steam

it's fun, my favorite character is the sun priest!