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Magic Synthesis

I have a dream that has 52 girlfriends.

Yes, 52.

How many do I have now?


But I am a magician who loves to breed!

52 girls available for collectionYou can get 52 girls through farming and magic.

Detailed description?

Farming and defeating monsters will get material, when the footage is sufficient and there is a synthetic scroll,

A girl will appear in your home, then...

PlantingIt is said that the magician who does not plant the land is not a good magician

There is hope for farming;

Land in order to let you reach the peak of life ~~~

Terrible enemyThe enemy is terrible. When you see the enemy,

don't be frightened by his appearance.

Picture GalleryHow to get all the pictures?

I will not tell you ヾ(´∀`o)+

Music GalleryWe have crafted all the scene music for the game.

And collect it in the music gallery.

good luckDear player, we are very clear to inform you,

A powerful staff can only be obtained through prayer.

So how many times do you need to get?
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