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Madorica Real Estate

Use pen and paper to escape the haunted house!Solve unique puzzles while scribbling down hints on maps!

20 levels of escape room style puzzles await you.

Do you have what it takes to escape the haunted house?Printing your floor plan mapIt is possible to view a digital version of the floor plans inside the game.

However, you can enjoy the game even more by using your printers to print the floor plans!

You can get the PDF data from the link in the game.

Q = Map / W = Menu / E = Config

Story of this gameYou are a new employee at a real estate agency. To your dismay, you find out that the city you are assigned is full of cursed houses with ghosts! Your mysterious boss tasks you to go and get rid of the ghosts. Your only arsenal is some magic spells and your quick wits. Are you up for the task?
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I got this in my curator page as a free game to review and that doesn't happen so often. I usually review a game upon completion but if the game is good I like to give the developer a bump before I am done. And trust me, this game is good. This is a kind of escape room game with a twist. You are looking to clear houses of evil spirits. So you enter a room and you mouse around its 4 walls looking for a spell to cast. When you find them you close your eyes and say the spell. This spell may banish the demon or it may warp you to another part of the house or it may grant you special skills. Sounds simple but when you add in logic puzzles and escape room ideas it gets a lot more complicated. There are plenty of levels to explore and the price point is spot on for the amount of time it will take to get through judging by how far I got in an hour.
+ Simple design yet more than meets the eye. The game is literally 4 walls. No furniture or fluff just 4 walls with clues to solve the puzzle at hand. It has stripped away everything it can to just present you with what you need to solve the puzzle with no red herrings. There is however an entire hidden world behind the veil.
+ Very interesting twist on the Escape Room idea. More of an Exorcise Room.
+ I absolutely adore the fact that you don't have to actually play large chunks of this on Steam. You can download everything as a PDF and play it with pencil and paper at work on a coffee break. This is something I have never seen before and I think it is a totally fresh and out of the box idea, albeit very old-school. Kudos to the devs for that. After you think you have a solution you can boot up your game and have a crack at your solution to see if it works.
+ For what I played the puzzles seem tough but fair and logical which is my hallmark for a good puzzle game.
+ Interesting art style. The games demons are incredibly cute and look like they have been cut out of paper. Madorica has a really interesting art style.
- Wow the mouse is floaty.
- The menu could really use some work. I wasn't sure how to quit and eventually just had to ALT out. But that could be entirely down to my stupidity.
- The .exe file didn't work and I had to resort to file renaming tomfoolery to get the game working. I hate that because I am not so savvy with that stuff. I did manage though, so it can't be that hard.
This game is awesome. It was made by only two people and that is very impressive. The asking price is right for this game and if you enjoy escape rooms then you should definitely invest in some Madorica Real Estate.

Review from Steam

Food for Thought Review:
This game is pretty fun I won’t lie. It has a simple puzzle mechanic which you have to use actual paper to solve each level. Now, you don’t have to since the blueprints are also on your screen when you press Q, but is part of the fun. I would even say is definitely fun as a family game night to be quite honest. This game is ported from the switch and over there it cost 14.99$ which I think is a bit pricey given how there is only 20 stages to complete. Yes, the puzzles are challenging to complete which takes time, but since there is nothing much else to do in the game besides solving it a good price rate would be around 9.99$-11.99$. Hopefully the price would maybe change here on PC. (edit update) it raised the price :/.
There is a very short story involve in the game in which you are a real estate agent but the twist is that you are also an exorcist trying to cleanse every haunted home to sell it for a good amount of money. You are never given a question as to why you have to do it but you just got to do it for I guess to pay the bills.
Each puzzle is challenging to the next because after the tutorial, puzzle 4-20 it gets really challenging and you can’t proceed more levels until you solve the puzzle. To solve it you have to fully relied on your blue prints for clues/hints and a piece of paper to write down your answers and hints of what words would come together to make a spell. It is very satisfied when you figure it out the word you are supposed to spell and proceed to the next room until you see the ghost you are supposed to exorcist. If you are stump the game can give you a hint but only in visual hints on the blueprint, but I wish I have something of a vocal hint for vocal learning people. Of course, if you are really stump the game essentially just gives you the answer by just linking you to the page of the answer but that’s no fun.
There is a time trial, however; you won’t be penalized severely for not complete the level, like a game over screen. You won’t get the stamps you need but once you know the words to use, you can just breeze through in with no hassle to get your stamps which is not a good challenge. Not even using the no stress mode which puts infinity amount of time is worth it since the actual time trial does not give you a good amount of stress for you to feel worry about not complete the level.
I hope they will add more levels in the future, but for now is a great game for especially with friends and family to have a board game night to play.
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Review from Steam

I was sent a review copy of this game a few months ago, and I loved playing through it over the Christmas period. I highly recommend this to puzzle fans, especially those of you who enjoy puzzle books and escape rooms.
Madorica's unique feature is the use of paper printouts that you use to navigate the game, and this never felt like a tacked-on gimmick. The designers really put serious thought into the puzzles and made ingenious use of the paper aspect and used it to it's full potential.
This game is not easy, but every solve is satisfying and the game has a generous collection of 'wow' moments when a solution finally dawns on you. I can't think of a single instance where the solution was annoying to discover; where too much of an abstract leap was expected of you. Also, I beat this game without hints, which I think really speaks to the flow and logic of the design.
As of the writing of this review, the game is still a few days from release. I strongly recommend picking it up when it does come out if you're a puzzle game enthusiast.

Review from Steam

Madorica Real Estate is a puzzle game that really lets you think in a different way. You'll have to write down things you see in other rooms/levels as you might need that information to figure out the puzzle to advance to the next level/room. First time I played I forgot to do this and wasn't able to get through with my current level. I restarted and wrote down everything that I saw and found out, and was eventually able to get past the level I was previously stuck on.
The game contains alot of different levels with mind cracking puzzles. You can play the game in a so called "No stress mode" which has no time limit, or you can play the game with the normal setting giving you 10 minutes to figure everything out. Playing with the 10 minutes you have makes it even harder as you are trying to figure out the puzzles under pressure. It's a really good addition to the game.
Madorica is a fun game to play with your friends or family. Someone could be working the controls while someone else writes down everything you see/figure out. You are also able to download and print out floor plans giving you extra information about your levels. This is a great addition as it gives you the ability to have a good time together with multiple people on one computer system.
There is a decent amount of levels, though I am really hoping that the devs are able to put in more eventually as it will make the game more amusing on the long term. I must say that the graphics in this game aren't bad at all, and Madorica doesn't require you to have a gaming computer/laptop as it runs very well on medium/low spec systems.
I rate this game 8/10. Good job GIFT TEN INDUSTRY and thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your game.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam


Review from Steam

I love the idea, very fun game to play with your friend or loved one.