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NOTE: Buying the game in Early Access entitles you to a FREE update for all following chapters!

Immerse yourself in the comedy and grotesque atmospheres of Madievals!

A completely 3D point&click adventure like you haven’t seen for a long time, perfect for the whole family!

A fearless knight named Rusty Steelknee, hunter of precious relics, arrives in the Realm of Manzasun. Nothing is known about him, apart from the fact that he’s never separated from his helm, his horse Spoffy and his cast iron drawers, and that his purpose is to take possession of the Idol Lamp, kept inside the Ascension Temple.

The realm, though, has been afflicted by a curse, the CuPeNEver, and surrounded by a terrible eternal darkness. Very soon, Rusty – due to both his proud temper and a series of not exactly accidental coincidences – will become involved in something much bigger than him.

But Rusty will know how to tackle the adventure head-on, and with his self-deprecating sarcasm he will be able to disentangle himself from extraordinary situations!

  • Fascinating and mysterious story, full of absurd and zany scenarios.

  • Funny dialogues with lots of bizarre characters.

  • Unusual puzzles but with their own logic.

  • Ability to switch to 2D pixel art as many like nowadays, provocative women to conquer and a final prize of a million golden doubloons to win! (Okay, that’s not true, but the game is really funny, promise!)
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

BottomLine at the Top: A bizarre P&C game with great production value but poor English translation.
-It’s basically a medieval themed Monkey Island, which is a great concept.
-Design, animations, sound effects, music, and voice acting/recording quality are all excellent.
-Lots of interactivity with a lot of things to click on with descriptions for each. Gives a good sense of game immersion.
-Good "quality of life" features (double click run, object highlight key, multiple save slots)
-Strange, comedic story.
-This game has high system requirements. It ran mostly fine on lower settings except for some cutscenes which slowed and skipped frames significantly.
-Minor pixel hunting. Object highlight function helps negate this.
-It's funny but not in the way they were going for because of the poor translation. It’s like someone who's trying to be funny but instead of laughing at their joke you're just laughing at how bizarre they're acting. You can tell that if the translation was a little more on the ball it'd so much better.
-Certain items require multiple clicks to proceed in the game and it’s not always intuitive which require this. For instance, with the paper towel holder you figure that clicking on it again would not change the interaction that already occurred, however you must click again to actually pick up the paper towels.
-Again, this games' biggest con by far is its poor translation. This game was not originally written in English and the strange translation is constantly distracting from what would otherwise be a pretty good P&C game. I've played other games recently who's original language was not English, and they had worse translations, but I would highly suggest to the developer to find additional proofreaders for the subsequent chapters.
-Eye drop puzzle was frustrating.
-This episode has a very abrupt ending.
This game was provided to me in an Early Access state and I'd like to thank the developers for providing it for me to try out. I am unsure if the complete game will cost the $10 asking price but I am assuming it is as $10 for approx. 2.5 hours of game play is too pricey for this game despite its high production value. I cannot emphasize enough how much better this game would be with more proofreading. I can tell the developers are funny, but it does not come across how they intended. I do recommend this game if you are a P&C fan but be prepared for the translation issues and potential slow performance on lower end machines.
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Review from Steam

Madievals is one of the funniest point and click adventures I've played in a while. The puns and thinly veiled pop culture references are just my cup of tea. I love how it pokes fun at itself!
+Great humor, funny characters and dialogue
+Medieval parody storyline, Madievals isn't afraid to poke fun at itself and break the 4th wall.
+Fun and punny achievements
+You must play with the voices on, the voice acting and tone are on point and make the dialogue so much better.
+Easy and straight forward gameplay, that you don't always have to work for ;)
+3D graphics feel high quality
-Cons/Needs EA Improvement-
-I would like to see an autosave function added
-When the camera angle changed, it was a little dizzying (on super quality) at first but I adjusted; it would be nice if it was a smoother transition but it's not a make or break factor either
-The price is a little high, but it'll be a great value once all the episodes are released and it comes out of EA.
All in all, I'm excited for this medieval mayhem to be released in its entirety. The humor and gameplay are enjoyable and I think the price will be worthwhile when more episodes are released.

Review from Steam

Okay, so, let me start this by disclosing that I'm not a big adventure player. My experience is limited to the Sam and Max series (including Hit the Road from 1993) and the first Monkey Island game. So I can't really offer an ''expert'' opinion on the quality of the puzzles. However, what I CAN do is talk about the rest of the game which is, quite frankly, pretty damn good.
-excellent writing. Tons of examples of (clever) 4th wall breaking, like the narrator referring to itself as ''the voice'' and talking directly to the protagonist and the player. It's pretty crazy.
-an absurdly anachronistic world where characters reference modern pop culture and devices even though the game is technically set in a medieval universe.
-excellent voice casting, especially the narrator.
-clever humor. To call this game ''medieval fantasy comedy'' would be a disservice. The medieval setting is just pretext for the writers to dump their most absurd and idiosyncratic jokes.
-did I mention the humour? Yeah, it's pretty fucking funny.
-as much as I love the references, I feel like the humour relies too much on them instead of the strength of the writing. Maybe try spreading them around a bit?
-the animations are a bit wonky.
All in all, I'd say that Madievals is on the right path. With a bit more technical polish and some restraint from the writers vis a vis references, I truly believe this could become one of the better adventure games.

Review from Steam

The moment I finished watching the trailer to this game, I knew I was in for a lot of laugh and fun. From what I've played so far, I definitely like what I'm seeing!
This game gives off a Monty Python feel, with it's clever writing, silly and bizarre gags, lovable characters and constant delivery of jokes from all sorts of media and references. The character's interactions are charming to listen to, each having their own personalities, and some you may recognize with their cheeky designs! The narrator and the main character butting heads when the player can't figure out what to do, sometimes even go so far as to mock the player for taking the "simple path" but not punishing their time playing and enjoying the game. The game's got a nice vibe to it, never going too extreme with it's jokes or the story, yet will leave me dumb founded when I enter one door, and find myself in a completely different place all together!
I've spent a good hour and a half streaming this game on Twitch, and while I don't know how far I am into the game, I have a feeling I'll be spending another couple of hours reaching the end of the story. But as of what I've experienced, it's a game worth it's price for a good laugh. 7/10
Here's my gameplay:

Review from Steam

If you are a huge fan of Monkey Island get this!
I loved it and the riddles are not too simple.
I played chapetrs 1 and 2 and it gets better. Can't wait to play the final chapter! :D
PS: I backed this game so many years ago that I forgot about it. Long developement, but worth it :)

Review from Steam

Fun, If you liked Book of Unwritten Tales you will enjoy this too. Looking forward to the next chapters.

Review from Steam

Very good,just very short.Cant wait for the rest.Love the random UFO and soccerball haha.