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Hey, you!
Yes, you there, the one reading the text.
Stop looking behind you, there is no one behind you. Now pay attention.
This is an EXTREMELY important mission that you've been assigned to!
You see the little C.O.M.R.A.D.E.s down there? Well, it is up to you to make this work.
We have the numbers, we have the music, we have the handsomest leaders, but we need your command!
The red planet is about to get RED!

Command transmission chain
Commands in this game are like the secrets you told your friend not to share with anyone... they spread like crazy!
Every action has a transmission radius for other comrades to join in on the action!
Obliterate our enemy with huge legions of chain reactions, or break up the group into smaller squads to achieve your intricate tactics.

Every C.O.M.R.A.D.E. and enemy unit have a weakness and a strength.
Pay attention to the traps and the environment, use that beautiful brain of yours and adapt to the situation.
Set up traps, ambushes, distractions or try an all in! There no rules on Mars.

MARRS is made by students who dabble in both areas, so we decided to run with it.
We strived to get as close as we could to the cold war era russian propaganda but in an interactive format.
The result is a game that definitely stands on its own with vibrant colours, charming characters and a quirky setting all for you to enjoy.
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