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About the Game

You play as Andy, a depressed boy looking for an escape in a secluded place and enjoying solitude and closeness to nature. Now, after selling his belongings and getting some money, he decides to buy a small cabin on an island in the South Pacific. You will be able to meet the people of this island, their customs and you will look for an occupation.

If you could just… close your eyes for a moment, breathe and open them again to realize that you’re in a different place… A place where the air is fresh and the sky is blue, a serene getaway free of the complexities of day-to-day social interaction, where your responsibilities are as simple as “eat”, “water the crops”, “go for a drive”. More than anything, a place that you can call your own.

This is Lonefarm.

In this fully immersive escape from anxiety, you take control of a farm on a small island in the middle of the South Pacific. Tend to your crops, feed your stock, prepare your meals, decorate the farm, or take a peaceful ride on your vintage Van Wagon through the seaside highway to explore the natural paradise surrounding your farm! Take advantage of the trip to transport the vegetables and sell them to the townspeople. Lonefarm is truly yours, so take it all in at your own pace.

Lonefarm is a first-person, farm life simulator with light survival and narrative elements. The goal in LoneFarm is to experience a place that can feel like a home away from home.


  • There’s an assortment of crops and livestock that you can tend to!

  • Use your produce for cooking new recipes or sell it at the local market!
  • Unlock and discover new furniture items to decorate your fully customizable cabin!

  • Explore the wild areas of the island to discover new seeds or venture into the island’s town and observe the lives of interesting locals!

  • Drive freely through the island in first-person and monitor your van wagon’s upkeep: fuel levels, energy, and tear will make the difference from getting back home safe before midnight or getting stuck in the middle of the highway and having to spend a chilly night outside!

  • Days go by in real-time in Lonefarm with a day/night cycle that lets you experience different weather, special events, and the progress of your own crops in a realistic manner.

  • Discover the secret history of the island, its residents and your own past!

  • Look for beautiful and relaxing views across the island in which you can sit for a while, read the newspaper and think about your life!
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