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Legions of Tyrandel

LEGIONS OF TYRANDELWar has broken out in Tyrandel! Primeval crystals have emerged, bringing with them the promise of power to those who control them. The once peaceful factions now muster their armies and march to war. Legions of Tyrandel is a competitive strategy game designed for two players. Choose from 8 unique commanders to lead your army to victory on the battlefield. In this hybrid between a card game and a turn based strategy game, the cards in your deck become the units under your direct command.PLAN:Build your deck from over 200 unique cards, all of which are available right from the start.CONTROL:Carefully maneuver your cards to capture the objectives and gain control over the battlefield.CONQUER:Push your way past your opponent's defences to claim victory for your army!CAMPAIGN:Hone your combat skills offline by playing the campaign, as you attempt to lead Valkyrie's Legion to victory.

Legions of Tyrandel features online multiplayer, hotseat play and VS CPU game modes.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Wow, it has been ages since I seen a strategy game like this!
It brings back memories of card games like Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon and puts its own spin on it.
The game can be played with a friend, but also has it's own puzzles and missions that you can try offline.
- For those worried that they will not be able to understand how to play, fear not! There is a built in tutorial.
I was one of these people.
- Every card is well thought out and has its own "faction" (type) as well as abilities that can be used.
- The artwork on the cards has a stylistic charm similar to other famous strategy card games.
- The music is great and nice to listen to as you slowly move forces into your enemies domain!
- There are only so many maps to play on and I would love to see more.
It's a shame that this has so few players. I had tons of fun playing this with my friend, and recommend this to anyone who likes this genre of games.

Review from Steam

This game deserves a more in depth review than it has had yet, so I'll do my best.
Between the campaign and the puzzles there is some good content that will make you think hard.
The Campaign's final battle was suitably epic. Unfortunately, beating the campaign and trying all of the puzzles and only failing on 2 out of 17 puzzles, both of which I think were bugged, only took me 13.8 hours. paying the 6 USD sale price for 13.8 hours of good fun, I think I got my money's worth, but I've had better deals.
what would give this endless hours of fun would be if the multiplayer or offline vs. CPU modes were good. Unfortunately I've tried searching for multiplayer games without being able to find any. It seems like this game got buried in mass of games being produced nowadays and noone bought it, so unless you have a steam friend you can buy this game for and convince to play it with you or this game shocks everyone with a second wind of sales then multiplayer just isnt going to happen. Multiplayer also lacks a menu where you could potentialy see what other players games are going on and have an option to observe those games if those players allowed observers into their games.
the Offline VS. CPU mode didn't impress me either. This and multiplayer are the only modes where you can build your deck from the full complement of cards in the game. The Campaign, while fun, doesnt even use a deck in 6 of the 9 missions, and when it does use a deck, your card choices are heavily limited. Unfortunately, the CPU AI is pretty bad, so I can't realy test what cards are good or bad effectively in the VS. CPU mode. Another feature I would have liked to see for the VS CPU mode would have been the ability to play with or give the CPU a random deck. there is no random deck option, you have to pick your opponents deck, so you know what they have.
One thing that disappointed me from Steam's side is that in the window for "similar to games I play" on this game's store page, it didn't list Pox Nora. This game is infact similar to Pox Nora and less buggy than that game. Last I played Pox Nora was like 2 years ago though but I have over 390 hours in that game.
Overall I'll give this game a 6.8/10 I wanted to give it a higher score, and I still do reccomend it. It is good fun and takes a good amount of thinking hard for about 13.8 hours. Understand that if you do buy it, chances are you probably wont find yourself playing it much longer than that.

Review from Steam

Everything you want in a strategy game, with a unique mixture of ideas. You can tell the developers put a lot of love into the game!

Review from Steam

giving this game a positive review for trying something new, i have yet to fully explore the game as of now, but seems pretty nice :)